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Snapsure: simply insure with a snapshot

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jun 9, 2017

Munich based startup Snapsure makes insuring things really simple. By simply taking a picture (snapshot) of what you want to insure. Snapsure’s algorithms generate, within seconds insurance product proposals based on photos taken on smartphones. The Snapsure insurance bot uses intelligent, self-learning algorithms to generate custom proposals based on image recognition. The company provides a white label Application Programming Interface for insurance companies.

Snapsure is a snapbot and the worldwide first AI-platform to generate insurance proposals based on image information’s automatically within seconds. The Snapsure insurance bot uses intelligent, self-learning algorithms to generate custom proposals based on image recognition.

Snapsure helps target younger customers
Especially for younger generations insurance is low interested product. They are considered complicated and incomprehensible. Snapsure offers a solution that makes access to insurances as attractive and easy as possible and to involve the prospective customers in the sales process at an early stage. They do not have to fill in any forms or registration.


How does it work?
Snapsure is an intelligent BOT with self-learning algorithms and image recognition logic. The user can take a photo of his bicycle or living room via the app. The BOT recognizes what is in the picture and proposes appropriate insurance rates, such as bicycle or household insurance. Snapsure offers the API as a white label solution for insurance companies.

The advantages:

  • Simplicity: simple to insure things with a snapshot, without registration or forms
  • Speediness: insurance offers based on a snapshot within seconds
  • Low cost: the cost of image recognition to the product proposals are only a few cents
  • Cross selling: a mature product logic for more product proposals around the snapshot
  • Cross platform: support any platform, apps, marketplace, product page etc.
  • Global: no matter where the snapshot comes from, the bot is global

With Snapsure’s B2B white-label solution, the world’s first AI platform is entering the insurance industry, which can automatically generate product proposals based on image information. Users of the platform receive product proposals from insurance solutions to match the submitted photo via an image identification logic, whereby possible cross-selling approaches are taken into account automatically by the interface.
Only one year after founding Snapsure is already partners with the big German insurers: Arag, Generali, die Bayerische, Allianz, Munich Re and many more.

Why we selected Snapsure for DIA Amsterdam
Snapsure is an innovative solution for the insurance industry. The startup makes is easy for anyone to access insurance and solving a problem. Insurance is all about trust, and user-centric innovation is a well needed innovation for this industry.

Who are Snapsure?
Founded in November 2015 by Enrico Bolloni, (CEO), Ole Roel (CTO) and Florian Bischof (CPO).


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