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Snapview: the online communication- and consultation platform tailor-made for the insurance industry

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jan 28, 2021

Today’s insurance customers educate themselves online, they close contracts online, settle claims online, and increasingly also expect 1-on-1 insurance advice online. This trend clearly established itself well before COVID-19 hit and the pandemic has only propelled this further. 

When thinking of remote advice, traditional online meeting solutions come to mind, the likes of Zoom, MS Teams, or Webex.  The issue with all these generic online meeting tools is that none of them are tailored towards the specific use case of brokers and agents, advising their customers remotely. They are not well suited for this, from a feature- or processes perspective and even less so from an IT-security and regulatory point of view. 

Snapview’s mission is to fill this gap. Together with longstanding customers they have developed a remote consulting platform that seamlessly combines all the features required for modern brokers and agents to be close to their customers, even when working remotely. Snapview is a fully compliant digital platform, hosted in Germany.

How it works
Being close to customers, also remotely, has proven to be vital for brokers and agents. Snapview taps into this need with their white label, online communications- and consultation platform. This fully digital platform is leveraged by insurance agents and brokers to consult with their customers and sell complex insurance products to private individuals.

Snapview is an all-in-one platform that provides easy access from one single user interface to exactly the features a broker or agent needs to advise their customers remotely. At the core of the platform is the Snapview Virtual Consulting Room. In addition, Snapview enables scheduling sessions, signing documents electronically, messaging via SMS and WhatsApp, co-browsing, and session recording. 

The platform is easy to use, for both consultants and customers. It offers clean user interfaces, no clutter. Customers only need a standard web browser to join a Snapview session, no need to download additional software. And joining a session is a matter of just one mouse click. The same holds true for the consultant, which leads to above average usage rates even for a non-technical audience. 

Complying with industry rules and regulations
An important part of the Snapview platform, is its compliance with applicable industry rules and regulations. An example is the MiFID (European Financial regulation) compliant recording available in Snapview. For certain types of customer consultations, MiFID requires electronic communication to be recorded and these recordings have to fulfill strict requirements. In Germany, it is forbidden by law to record conversations without the explicit consent of the other party. Any violation of this law is a criminal offence. Snapview supports these rules and regulations by asking a customer for their consent, whenever a consultant wants to start recording a conversation. The customers gets an overlay asking for their consent. At the same time, the consultant gets displayed an overlay informing him or her of the pending consent. Only after the customer gives his or her consent, the recording will begin. The customer consent is logged and saved together with the recording. This is only one of several scenarios Snapview can support. They also inform customers about relevant data protection policies and again, get their consent. 

Trusted by leading insurers and banks
Snapview is much more than a video and audio connection. It’s a platform that is tailor-made for the needs of the insurance industry and differentiates itself from generic online meeting tools by offering secure solutions that fit the insurance process. Snapview offers white label and easy integration options; they work with a modern and flexible API, that their customers use to integrate Snapview into existing consulting platforms and CRM-tools.

Snapview counts some of the biggest names of the German insurance- and banking industry as their clients: LVM, Debeka, SparkassenVersicherung, HanseMerkur Versicherung, ING, comdirect bank, Interhyp and Swiss Life Group Germany to name a few.

Who is Snapview?
Snapview was founded in 2004 and is a pioneer in the area of secure internet-based communication. Over the years they’ve continued to further develop their audiovisual online communication platform and solutions, to help thousands of companies with effective and secure online communication solutions. As a German company, Snapview has to comply with strict German regulations regarding data security. Snapview is based in Munich, Germany.

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