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sum.cumo Sapiens: making insurance feel simple 

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 21, 2022

With a clear objective to make insurance simple, sum.cumo Sapiens creates products that are inspired by e-commerce, bringing insurers speed, self-sufficiency and stronger sales capabilities. As a result, insurers and start-ups of all sizes can evolve into modern, digitally advanced organizations that are well positioned for future-oriented e-commerce.  

sum.cumo Sapiens is a German insurtech that builds digital insurance solutions in the DACH-market. Since 2020, sum.cumo Sapiens has been part of Sapiens International Corporation, an Israeli tech company with more than 600 clients worldwide in P&C, L&P and reinsurance. Together they provide a combination of SaaS solutions and the expertise needed to digitize business models in the insurance industry.  

How it works 

sum.cumo offers SCIP Sales, a low-code and cloud-native platform, which lets insurers create insurance products and design sales flows.  

The platform includes a product configurator, a customer journey creator, a pricing engine and self-service portals. With this platform, sum.cumo enables insurers to create new products within minutes and embed these products seamlessly into their partners’ front-ends or on the insurer’s own website. And all this can be done without assistance of the IT department.  

The solution is basically an e-commerce platform for digital insurance sales and service without having to transform existing core systems. If an insurer would like to upgrade to an end-to-end insurance platform, sum.cumo offers SCIP Core as a core system.  

Striving for simplicity, sum.cumo has two important elements covered: easy integration in the partner’s process and flexibility in products. In order to make embedded insurance seamless, the platform needs to be integrated in the sales process of the partner – in their UI and in their UX. With SCIP Sales insurers can perfectly fit their products into this process by simple configuration. sum.cumo also offers flexibility in products, enabling insurers to work with a multitude of partners. sum.cumo’s product configurator cuts the product into smaller products so that insurers can pick and choose to form the right product for their client.  

Why did we select sum.cumo for DIA Amsterdam 2022?   

Many insurers face the challenge of modernizing their sales and service experiences while legacy systems hinder a fast and easy development. With SCIP Sales insurers can sell insurance products in multiple channels and in different ways without huge IT investments, as its middleware connects to any inventory system.  

The application sections can be created and adapted independently, without any compromise in design and user experience. Conversion-enhancing functions such as “buffering of application sections’ and comprehensive tracking are offered out-of-the-box. 

At DIA Amsterdam Ingolf Putzbach, CEO sum.cumo Sapiens and Walter Capellmann, Chief Representative DELA Lebensversicherung, will present how they have recently implemented SCIP Sales at DELA to modernize the sales journeys and boost sales at low front-end customization cost.  

Who is sum.cumo Sapiens?

The holistic digitalization of business models is the sum.cumo business. Renowned companies in the insurance industry are being offered efficient products and complete solutions from a single source. Thanks to many years of experience and a large number of unique digital success projects, the company has in-depth knowledge of the customer’s and industry’s business model. 

The platform is currently used by three insurance groups with activities in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Clients include DELA, dextra, nexible, die Bayerische, simpego, freeyou 

“The market is looking for solutions that deliver a good customer experience combined with process efficiency. At best, these solutions can even be used in conjunction with old legacy core systems and other legacy applications.”

Ingolf Putzbach, CEO sum.cumo Sapiens. 

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