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Surfly: Advanced co-browsing solution

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 4, 2018

Surfly is an Amsterdam-based startup, which has developed an innovative solution for sharing web sessions. Using Surfly, insurers can instantly see what their clients are doing on their website and assist them with just a single click. Unlike screen sharing, co-browsing does not require customers to download any plugins or software, making it simple and safe.

By using Surfly agents are able to really understand their clients which reduces significantly call handle times and make them much more efficient. Agents can visually explain products and information, this increase cross sell and upsell opportunities and establish a relationship of trust with a higher LTV which boost overall company revenue.

Surfly co-browsing solution has helped companies such as Achmea and Fidelis care to improve their customer satisfaction rate, increase revenue, decrease resolution
time, and an improved customer experience.

Assist visitors remotely with an in-person experience
When it comes to a commoditized category like insurance, emotions and trust are the only path to winning customers rather than price. Adding visual engagement to customer service efforts is an excellent way to start. Visual engagement technology helps businesses increase customer retention rates 7.6% annually, compared to a mere 0.8% increase for All Others.

As audio, can sometimes be distorted, co-browsing and video chat can help portray the goodwill and build trust in the mindset of the customer. Surfly’s co-browsing solution helps insurers provide a richer sense of presence and personalized experience. The combination of face to face interaction (Video chat) with co-browsing can enhance the customer experience, as well as, improve operational efficiency and boost sales. 

Easy to start & no integration needed
Even though Surfly is able to feature high quality and high performant sessions, it is very easy to get started and to use, as it requires no integration whatsoever. This allows insurance companies to cut the cost of integration and improve speed-to-market.

It is a turn-key service that can be easily implemented into any web application. With the Surfly co-browsing solution, customer support and sales representatives can jointly and securely navigate a web page with customers, guide them through complex forms and processes, or use annotation to highlight and emphasize areas of interest.

With Surfly, insurance professionals will be able to identify and address the problem areas that can lead to bottlenecks and drop-offs in their sales funnel. It also allows them to establish an emotional connection and build trust with their customers.

How it works

Session ID approach:

1. Customer interacts with agent on telephone
2. Agent realizes that co-browsing would help identify and resolve the problem and invites customer to co-browse
3. Customer sends agent a unique “Session ID code”
4. Agent identifies customer in the queue
5. Agent starts the co-browse session with the customer. Now the agent can see the customer’s web browser, in addition to, using annotations, high lighting and guiding customers through complex web forms.

Why we selected Surfly for DIA Amsterdam
Surfly takes an innovative approach to co-browsing, making it easy to use, fast and safe, with no installation required. The company’s offerings enable insurance companies to transform the customer experience. Encouraging agents and customers to visually collaborate online.
With Surfly’s turnkey service, agents can move seamlessly from any platform, telephone, WhatsApp, Facebook, Phone or just webchat, to a collaborative web-session as they engage with their customers.

At DIA Amsterdam they will showcase how Surly’s co-browsing solution can help insurers deliver a truly personalized customer experience, that builds a relationship of trust.

Who is Surfly
Surfly was founded in 2012 by Nicholas Piël. Linden Mobile Ventures provided the seed capital to establish the company, build an international team of highly skilled developers and finalize the initial product development. In 2016, Ready Tech a global IT training solution provider, made a 1 Million EUR investment into Surfly.

When I was working as a support agent at an ISP I had to help this one lady remotely over the phone and she was literally crying because she was unable to understand the instructions of my colleague. When my colleague transferred the call to me I comforted her and took another hour to try to instruct her to click a single button.
Once she succeeded she was so grateful that this was a real eye opener. We had all these tools to reset her modem on the fly, reset her account if needed but there was nothing available that would allow me to guide her on our own web portal
.” Nicholas Piël, founder & CEO Surfly


Presenter: Nicholas Piël

Contact info: Venesha Brooks
Email: [email protected]

Amsterdam 12-13 June


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