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TAB: Creating products that make the world work better

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Sep 3, 2019

TAB, the App-business, offers an end-to-end service from digital and product strategy to full-stack engineering, design and delivery; they drive innovation, growth and business results. It is a highly focused technology partner built to enable organizations to thrive in a world where mobile is an expectation, not a device. They are the UK’s largest and most experienced team of mobile experts. TAB has extensive experience of end to end product development in Financial Services ranging from brand new proposition development and working with start-ups to integrating innovative products with complex legacy back end systems.

TAB brings deep industry, technical and delivery expertise across insurance, retail, commercial banking, transport and more. As industry-agnostic partners, they understand the challenges businesses face in adapting quickly to today’s rapidly changing world. Industries are undergoing unprecedented levels of disruption. New technologies are changing the way customers can choose and interact with products creating new use cases, behaviors and expectations.

Since TAB’s founding, the company’s purpose has been to create products that make the world work better. They help organizations like RBS, Shell, Visa, Santander, Met Office, Tesco, TfL and ING respond to accelerating change in their industry. Like:

  • The Tesco grocery app: Making online shopping easy
  • Yolt: The award-winning money management app
  • TfL Decelerator: The innovative iPad solution; simplifying brake testing and reducing disruptions on the London underground
  • RDG railcards: Taking national railcards from wallet to smartphone
  • Huyu: They partnered with dunnhumby to revolutionize the way they generate customer insights from data collected via mobile using cutting edge technologies like FLutter, Firebase, Serverless architecture and Google Cloud Vision

In 2016, TAB became part of Kin + Carta (previously known as the St.Ives Group), a global ecosystem of 1,500 technologists, strategists and creatives across four continents, combining specialist businesses in strategy, innovation and communications. 


  • They are trusted with the missions that matter by the world’s most ambitious organizations. They help their clients solve critical business challenges, accelerate innovation and build new propositions.
  • They run on startup fuel; speaking to customers in days and shipping software within weeks, delivering more value fast.
  • They create the kinds of experiences that change the way the world behaves by championing multidisciplinary teams that harness the power of the world’s leading technologies. Put simply, they build what people want – to give their clients what they need.

How it works
TAB helps organizations embrace technology as a critical enabler to key business challenges. Typically, these challenges include legacy IT, building internal capabilities, changing organizational culture, breaking down silos, adapting to regulatory changes and more.

They help organizations in three ways:

  • Digital Strategy: defining a digital strategy, which enables organizations to set an ambitious direction for propositions as well as embedding the technical capability required to deliver it
  • Launch a brand-new proposition:  helping organizations identify market opportunities, guiding technology decisions, building the necessary organizational capabilities and ultimately delivering the proposition to the market
  • Accelerating product delivery: unlocking value to design, build and helping organizations deliver high-quality products faster.

Why we selected TAB for DIA Amsterdam
TAB is an outcome-led technology partner for some of the world’s biggest businesses. They don’t have a product or platform; they take a technology-agnostic approach to help their clients identify valuable business and customer outcomes and deliver great software that achieves those outcomes.
They help businesses to accelerate digital innovation and product delivery.

Who is TAB?
Founded 10 years ago in London. Now they have a 200-strong in-house team of product owners, strategists, engineers, and designers.Headquartered in London and opening up a new office in Edinburgh October 1st this year and opening a hub in Amsterdam later this year.

TAB is led by David Tuck (left) and Stephen Wilson (right).

“TAB was founded with a clear purpose – create digital products and services that make the world work better. Back in 2009, our mission began with a mobile focus. Today, the increasing pace of change means organizations need to continuously evolve or risk being left behind. It can be tricky to cut through the noise, learn from experimentation and build the right products and services. At TAB, we help our clients achieve this outcome and deliver the meaningful impact they need” – David Tuck, Managing Director TAB

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