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TechSee: next-generation customer experience through computer vision AI & AR

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 4, 2019

TechSee provides a visual engagement platform powered by deep learning and computer vision, enabling the auto-recognition of devices and issues in order to offer proven resolutions. Customers receive precise AR visual guidance in both assisted service and self-service modes at every stage of the journey, from sales, registration and onboarding to claims and upsell. They serve tier 1 companies and global groups in 24 markets around the world, including leading P&C insurers, telecoms and consumer electronics manufacturers.

The Israeli startup was founded to help businesses better support their operations from all perspectives: customers, contact center agents, field technicians, and self-service channels. Over two decades of experience across CX technologies, visual computing, augmented reality, and big data enables TechSee to follow through on this commitment.

Their patented platform is built around proprietary deep learning algorithms which achieve an accuracy rate of 95%. It effectively crowdsources the knowledge of a contact center to power computer vision complete with 3D tracking. It draws on accumulated visual data from customers, as well as other sources of information available to insurers, to enable the fastest and most effective augmented reality suggestions for issue resolution and an optimal overall experience.

Key benefits
TechSee provides insurance agents, adjusters and customers with interactive real-time guidance on filling out claim documentation, assessing damage and resolving billing issues, resulting in an elevated claims experience with lower costs.

  • Validate claims in real-time
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Expedite claim settlements
  • Minimize adjuster time in the field
  • Reduce fraud
  • Enhances sales with personalization

TechSee’ s Visual Assistance platform covers the entire customer journey for an optimal user experience. TechSee Live enables visual automation for agents / insurance assessors, providing them with auto-recognition capabilities across a wide range of claim scenarios.

EVE is the world’s first visual assistant, providing the customer with a fully conversational self-service experience with ongoing feedback and corrections. It slashes claims processing times by providing fast, effective remote service in time-sensitive, high pressure scenarios. It also elevates CX throughout the policyholder journey, from onboarding, claims and documentation to installation of new devices required by insurers (e.g. smoke alarms).

“As technology becomes a commodity, customer experience becomes the new competitive battleground for brands”
CEO & CO-founder TechSee Eitan Cohen

TechSee Live provides a unique remote video solution for assisted service for contact centers, powered by auto-recognition capabilities. It is the only product on the market to require no app download, driving higher usage rates and better CX.

How it works
TechSee provides intelligent customer engagement at every stage of the customer journey, across all channels, in both assisted service and self-service modes.


  • TechSee Live, the assisted service product, establishes a video link between the customer and the agent/assessor via SMS, enabling them to see the customer’s environment and use AR to direct the customer’s actions. This allows the fastest possible appraisal of the damage.
  • TechSee EVE, the self-service product allows the customer to provide images of his issue (e.g. damage, form, bill) get precise visual guidance on how to handle it (e.g. capture images of the damage, fill forms, install insurance IOT device), and receive ongoing feedback.

Why we selected TechSee for DIA Amsterdam
Computer vision is one of the hottest topics with crystal-clear use cases throughout the customer journey, especially in the claim’s domain.
TechSee transforms the customer experience domain by providing the first intelligent visual engagement solution powered by artificial intelligence and augmented reality and empowers enterprises across the globe to deliver a better customer experience and reduce costs.

At DIA Amsterdam Liad Churchill, VP Marketing will demonstrate the flow of the entire customer journey.

Who is TechSee?
TechSee was founded in 2015 by a team of successful high-tech entrepreneurs and renowned nanoscience engineers. Their goal was to apply computer vision and AR technologies to reinvent customer experience. After winning Accenture’s Innovation award and being named a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor,’ in December 2018, TechSee closed a $16 million Series B financing round with the participation of existing investors including Planven Investments, OurCrowd, Comdata Group and Salesforce Ventures. TechSee is headquartered in Tel Aviv with offices in Madrid and New York.

CEO Eitan Cohen came up with the idea for TechSee after his parents called him for help with getting their cable TV to work. He quickly realized that without seeing their set-top box, it was very difficult to explain exactly what they needed to do. Recognizing the need to bridge that visual gap was the genesis of the company.

Eitan Cohen, CEO & CO-founder TechSee

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