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The Somnox Sleep Robot: The Most Comfortable Sleep Companion For Everyone

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Sep 17, 2018

Dutch startup Somnox developed the world’s first sleep robot that works by using scientifically proven cognitive and simulated human breathing techniques to accelerate the process of falling asleep.  The sleep robot improves night’s rest with the technology of tomorrow. The Somnox sleep robot helps to sleep faster, longer and wake up refreshed using breathing regulation, soothing audio and affection.

Somnox co-designed the Sleep Robot with Royal Auping, Europe’s leading circular mattress manufacturer, to provide the ultimate comfort through a sustainable product with high quality materials. The sleep robot is manufactured and produced at Royal Auping’s facilities in The Netherlands.

The Sleep Robot is designed to feel like having a sleep companion through the night, like a living being instead of a mechanical robot. The Sleep Robot overcomes the archetype of robots by providing all the good feelings that arise during the simulation of sleeping with someone. The Sleep Robot’s shape is designed to allow the sleepers to comfortably place it on their chest, wrap their arms around it and hug it. In this way, the Somnox Sleep Robot is able to give affection. The materials that are used in the Sleep Robot have been carefully selected after reviewing and visiting several mattress factories. The sleeve is washable, fully breathable, and consists of natural fabrics. In addition to the breathing and audio function of the Somnox Sleep Robot, the hug ability of the new sleep companion creates affection which in turn contributes to a better night rest.

The world’s best natural sleep solution 
The basic principle behind the Somnox sleep robot is the concept of breathing as a source of deep relaxation, in combination with soothing music/sounds. Although it is underestimated by many as it is an action that people constantly do without even realizing it, if done in a certain way, breathing is able to stimulate particular receptors in a body thus bringing a person to a state of peace and tranquility.

Scientifically proven
Scientific validity is one of the key values Somnox aspires to. Their team of researchers has conducted an extensive scientific literature review regarding the effects of breathing and music on the sleep quality. Beyond researching, user testing is a key component for validating a product or an idea; therefore, they gathered the feedback from over 5,000 people to validate the functions of the Somnox sleep robot over the past two years. They also set up multiple testing rounds in collaboration with sleep specialists, hospitals and sonologists, and assessed various prototypes with potential users. Over 80 test sleepers have already slept with the Somnox robot and participated in their extensive research.

How it works?
The Somnox sleeping robot has a specific breathing rhythm, which is slower than a user’s personal one. By holding the Somnox robot the user will automatically synchronize his breathing rhythm to its own, thereby making the user’s breathing rhythm gradually slow down. 

Users snuggle the Sleep Robot and subconsciously replicate the physical sensation of falling and rising of the breathing of the robot. Research has shown that breathing is essential to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation.

Tailored application
Soothing sounds such as meditative music, ambient sounds and cognitive huffing are included in the accompanying app, which is available on both iPhone and Android smartphones. Users can also upload their own audio files to the app. Users can set the sounds and breathing exercises to their own preferences. The Somnox Sleep Robot helps people to fall asleep faster, sleep longer and wake up refreshed.

Why we selected Somnox for DIA Munich
Sleeplessness or insomnia is one of the most common sleeping disorders worldwide. People who suffer from it have difficulties falling asleep, staying asleep or sometimes even both. It is a highly prevalent problem that is associated with increased use of health care services and products and a very high economic burden.

The Somnox Sleep Robot is the world’s first sleep robot developed to start a global sleep Revolution. We strongly believe it is time for a device like the Sleep Robot that actually does something to help people to sleep. Without medicine.

Who is Somnox?
Founded in 2015, Somnox is headquartered out of the Delft Tech Incubator in The Netherlands. 

It all started with four engineers: Wouter, Julian, Job and Stijn, they met each other for the first time in the robotics institute of the Delft University of Technology. Inspired by soft robotics, they started to think of ways how robots could solve problems and make life easier. In 6 months time, they took on the challenge to develop a robot. They approached it with a different angle: they set out not to develop the stereotypical rough, cold industrial robot but rather a soft, cuddly one.

Auping helped them to produce some prototypes. When these were well received by people that suffered from insomnia, the Somnox founders decided to start their business and they decided to further develop the robot with Auping. Together the companies took the development of the prototypes from a proof of concept to a truly Auping-worthy product that will be launched this fall. The Sleep Robot will be available online and in retail channels throughout North-America and Europe for RRP of € 549.

Auping is leading when it comes to knowledge of sleep, circular thinking and acting. Auping and Somnox support each other in research and in product development, providing both parties with knowledge and input. Auping engineers work to make the Somnox robot fully ready for production and to assure that the technology inside works accurately. Auping further contributes to developing the comfort of the product, designing and sewing the soft sleeve of the robot. This sleeve is made of the same material as the ticking that Auping manufactures for its mattresses.

“Eventually, we want to offer the substitute to sleeping pills” founders of Somnox

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