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ti&m security suite: it’s all about trust, innovation and convenience

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 18, 2016

ti8m ti&m offers insurers a trusted, convenient and flexible solution for their mobile and web applications. The platform is based on open standards (oAuth, FIDO), hence easy to use, implement and integrate into whatever security infrastructure is in place. The cumbersome log-in process with m-Tan or, even worse, “code sheet“ or separate “code generating token” is replaced by a secure two factor authentication, either in combination with biometrics or with a standard FIDO token. Consumers can start their journey into their insurance application with a positive experience instead of losing time with complicated log-in processes and outdated technologies.

The Insurance industry will undergo major transformations within the next year. Digitalization means exposing more and more data and business processes to customers, brokers and partners. The flexible security solution offered by ti&m will make that journey safer and faster. Furthermore the solution is cost efficient with an extremely low cost of entry and compatible with most of the current security providers.

Why we selected ti&m for DIA Barcelona
In a fast moving fintech market ti&m guarantees a fast time to market and brings innovative thinking and agility to any development project. We totally agree that trust, customer experience and satisfaction are key success factors in any customer journey – not only for insurance companies not the way. ti&m’s security suite is the ideal match to any digital project, because the security gate is distributed on the whole value chain of the business process and not just at the start.

Who is ti&m?
i&m is an innovative Swiss IT service provider that works with demanding clients to integrate their entire value creation chain. The company positions itself in the market as an agile change and innovation company. ti&m has offices in Zurich, Bern, Lausanne and Frankfurt am Main and employs currently over 230 engineers, designer and consultants. This enables us to implement change projects holistically. ti&m stands for an outstanding “just do it” mentality. The innovative security suite is just one proof of it. Its ground breaking ideas and innovations are based on vertical integration, while our highly experienced teams guarantee a time-to-market that leaves the competition behind.


Presenting at DIA Barcelona
René Konrad, Principal Products & Services
Michele Forte, Regional Sales Director

Contact info
Business Development/Sales:
Beat Walser, Head of Digital Insurance, +41 4449 775 64, [email protected]
Press/Media: Martin Fabini, Head of Marketing, +41 4449 775 25, [email protected]


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