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ti&m: the benchmark for business digitalization

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 2, 2017

Ti&m is a Swiss market leader for digitalization and security products, advises, supports and guides banks and insurance companies throughout the entire digitalization process. ti&m -technology, innovation & management – guarantees a fast time to market, innovative thinking and agility. The ti&m channel suite is the simple, fast, trusted and efficient way to digitalize customer relationships. With flexible business modules, ti&m creates a personalized digitalization strategy. The ti&m security suite provides the necessary security for all channels and makes the digitalization journey safer and faster. Together they set the benchmark for business digitalization. The ti&m approach is cost efficient with an extremely low cost of entry and compatible with most of the current security providers.

Many banks and insurance companies offer their customers several ways to contact them, but these channels are often poorly or incompletely synchronized. This is where the ti&m channel suite steps in. It merges the channels and points of contact and provides flexibility by integrating additional mobile devices such as smartphones, Apple Watches, and other wearables. Each company can make their own individual onboarding strategy with the ti&m channel suite, covering the onboarding process end-to-end and enabling rapid processing, the ti&m solution provides a completely new, fast and digitized user experience.

A new standard for end-to-end digital onboarding
Until recently, starting a business relationship with a Swiss bank required a handwritten signature and a personal interview at the nearest branch. ti&m digital onboarding, one of the ti&m channel suite modules, covers the entire onboarding process end-to-end, enabling banks to convert prospects into customers quickly and without changing the contact channel. And it leaves banks free to determine the key features and designs of the process.

How the ti&m onboarding process works
From authentication via QR codes or mTAN, to signing documents with a digital signature and identification via video chat: the onboarding process is broken down into several small steps, the order of which is completely up to the bank or insurer. It’s possible to include further options in the process as needed.

Advantages for banks/ insurers:

  • Improved customer experience and reduction in operating costs
  • Connecting to all relevant KYC systems (identity verification, PEP, FATCA, credit rating)
  • Efficiency improvements due to the automation and optimization of the entire onboarding process, and connection to interfaces in the core and archiving systems
  • Compatible with the ti&m security suite

Advantages For users:

  • Fast and easy onboarding with no need to switch channels
  • Input masks for required information
  • Secure and simple authentication by using smartphone and an encrypted QR code
  • Online identification via video chat
  • Digital signature and digital access to the corresponding documents and contracts

Why we selected ti&m for DIA Amsterdam
After presenting the ti&m platform last year at DIA Barcelona, ti&m will now show at DIA Amsterdam their latest innovation, a complete digital end-to-end onboarding process – from first contact to an established customer relation in a short amount of time. Including any regulatory requirements, video identification, secure document exchange and digital signature.

The flexibility of the underlying platform – the ti&m channel suite – makes this solution the perfect platform for Life Insurers who want to provide a digital experience to their customers from the start. Adaptable processes, flexible authentication methods and a wide set of ready to use modules are the ingredients to build a unique experience for the customer.

Who are ti&m?
Founded in 2005 by Thomas Wüst, CEO. Now ti&m has offices in Zurich, Bern, Lausanne and Frankfurt am Main and employs currently over 250 engineers, designers and consultants. Every year they inspire pupils with the hack-an-app contest, a coding camp for school children.

“Excellent People + Speed + Agilität + vertikale Integration = Innovation”, Thomas Wüst, CEO

“The foundation for our growth lies in our strengths: technical excellency, a wealth of ideas, agility and entrepreneurial flair, coupled with «Swissness» and sustainability”.


Presenter: Rene Konrad
Presenter: Andrea Riser

Contact Info:
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