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TONI Digital: Delivering simple, trustful and price competitive white label insurance solutions through a IaaS model

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 28, 2022

Customers often find insurance products to be expensive, complex, or simply don’t trust them. They’re looking to insurers for products that better fit their needs, but are also interested in buying insurance as part of their customer journey, from providers that aren’t insurance companies. For providers, entering the business of embedded insurance can seem challenging, though: setting up an insurance business or new offerings from scratch is complex, requires specific expertise and takes time.

Swiss insurtech TONI Digital offers white label insurance solutions that break up the traditional insurance value chain to deliver simple, trustful and price competitive solutions. With its tech driven and fully API based insurance platform, TONI Digital can configure any insurance product and introduce new partners to the market within a month. They leverage the trend of embedded insurance to offer insurance into any customer journey.

TONI Digital offers various B2B2C insurance solutions across Europe – their clients include leading retail banks, grocery chains, insurers and brokers such as PostFinance, the financial service unit of Swiss Post, Swiss retailer Migros and health insurer ÖKK.

How does it work?

With its end-to-end insurance as a service solution (IaaS), TONI Digital enables companies to launch their own white-label insurance offerings fast. Partnering with TONI Digital, companies don’t have to worry about risk carrier insurance licenses, nor the need to invest in the IT-set up or think about complex insurance processes. TONI Digital takes care of the technical challenges, as well as the complete underwriting process and risk carrier management. This is an important advantage, especially in embedded insurance, where points of sales and ecosystems are no longer owned by traditional insurance companies, but by companies that previously had nothing to do with insurance.

TONI Digital serves as the orchestrator of the complete value chain of the insurance process. They work together with risk carriers, distribution partners and third parties like call centers and service providers, bringing them all together on their tech platform. This open API-based, easy-to-scale, tokenized and fully cloud-based tech platform is the heart of their business and since it’s open API-based, it allows their partners to easily connect with their solutions and embed them in any device or platform they want. Insurers can launch white-label insurance products fast and easily and offers are configurable via automatically generated API endpoints. Due to the high degree of configurability, TONI can adjust existing products to their clients’ wishes and create new products.

From a B2B perspective, TONI Digital can choose the right risk carrier for their partners, their products and their target market as well as organize the reinsurance panels. Clients also benefit from an increasing range of functions, such as a no-code pricing engine, no-code product configuration suite, discount management, process automation and more.

Why we selected TONI Digital for DIA Munich 2022

TONI Digital helps both non-insurance companies to launch their own white-label insurance solutions on a state-of-the-art, fully digital platform, as well as risk carriers looking to enter the embedded insurance world and in need of a flexible tech platform.

At DIA Munich 2022, Alexander Sanders, CTO, and Janis Vinklers, Head of Technology, presented various examples of non-insurers and insurers working with TONI Digital to develop and sell embedded insurance offers.

Who is TONI Digital?

TONI Digital is a Swiss insurtech, based in Zurich, founded in 2017 by Philippe Regazzoni, Michael Stemmle, Alexander Sanders and Dr. Bernard El Hage.

TONI Digital partners with non-insurance companies looking to launch their own white-label insurance offering on a state-of-the-art solution, fully digital and covering both complex and simple P&C products.

TONI Digital also partners with risk carriers looking to enter the embedded insurance world and in need of a flexible tech platform. They currently work with five risk carriers, including Baloise, Helvetia and Munich Re.

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