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Twinner: More than you can see

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 16, 2019

German startup Twinner is a gamechanger in the automotive retail and survey. It dissolves a vehicle from time and space by creating its Digital Twinn. The Twinn is a complete digital copy of the physical condition. It empowers the observer to see more than his human eye would see in front of the car. Scratches, repainting, highlights, damages or additional information, all is included in the Digital Twinn and makes a cars condition more transparent than ever before.

Twinner offers a solution far away from a simple photo box. It provides a complete data set of a car. Individual elements of the Twinner solution are offered by specialized competitors. But only Twinner offers the complete range of car digitization including high-resolution pictures from inside and outside, underbody scan, technical data directly from the manufacturer and also highlights, damages, scratches, and repaints.


Twinner is being used by many leading German car dealer groups. And also directly by OEMs and inspection organizations. They address to various target groups in the automotive value chain such as car retailers, compounds, fleet organizations, banks but also insurers and car inspectors.

Value proposition for insurers:

  • Lead Generation: CPC for car insurance keywords can be as high as 100€. A scan costs only 25€. Offer free scans to consumers and create viral effect as people show their Digital Twinns to friends
  • Retention: Offer consumers a free safety scan (tires & underbody) regularly to stay top of mind and create positive touchpoints.
  • Fraud: Scan at start or during contract term to document pre-existing damages. No more fraud
  • Unit Economics: An inspectors costs 50€ only for driving to the consumer. Then consumer and inspector spent 45 minutes of their life. A Twinner scan takes only 2 minutes. Time and money saved…
  • Standardization: Inspection quality varies vastly. Twinner always produces the same result and can be compared across time and geographies.
  • Re-Insurance: You can eliminate risk out of re-insurance by knowing the quality of the entire fleet.

Benefits for other target groups
For car retailers a Digital Twinn provides everything for the online remarketing: a set of ultra high-resolution 360° imagery and all data that a potential buyer will need to make a buying decision.

For fleet or leasing organizations the Digital Twinn will reduce time to inspect a car at the end of the term. Twinner only needs 2 minutes where a human needs up to an hour.  

How it works

A Digital Twinn is a digital recreation of a vehicle. Within just a few minutes, Twinner generates a detailed dataset containing all the relevant figures, features and defects of the car.

In addition, the vehicle is photographed from 360° in optimal lighting conditions, then digitized and visualized. This automates the precise evaluation of the vehicle’s condition, supports digital assessments by the technical inspection authority TÜV, for example, and serves as evidence in the event of insurance claims. A Digital Twinn also streamlines all of the processes involved in transferring ownership of a car.

Why we selected TWINNER for DIA Munich
Twinner is the car scanner of the future, creating transparency and redefining the online car trade. In a complex digital world, the Digital Twinn provides unbeatable transparency and depth of information. The Digital Twinn is the first step of a comprehensive digital sales process.

At DIA Munich Sivan Cloud Rath, Advisor to the Board, Twinner GmbH demonstrated the use and the advantages.

Check out their live demo here:​

Who is (TWINNER) ?
Twinner was founded in March 2019 in Halle (Saale), Germany. The startup is funded by financial contributions from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

” Everybody is working on self-driving cars. We are concerned with autonomous digitization. It is ridiculous how long it takes to upload a car into your channels.”

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