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Unblu: Delivering digital in-person customer experience for insurers

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 14, 2022

Bridging self-service and human advice is a big theme in the digital world. Unblu underlines the opportunities that come with digital, and how to best link this with human advice. It’s all about meeting and collaborating with customers online. Unblu’s solutions are focused on connecting people and are designed for hybrid conversational journeys – they can be integrated into insurance web portals and apps.

Insurance companies can struggle to engage with their customers digitally. Customer behavior has changed, and it’s difficult to capture their attention when they are researching on websites, on mobile, or on desktops. Unblu helps insurers to engage with visitors at the right moment. Unblu offers a virtual room that can be personalized and is designed to drive customer communication on already existing channels. Insurers can seamlessly embed Unblu into their web customer portal and apps in order to message, exchange documents, and collaborate with their customers online. Unblu does this in a secure and compliant way: they offer an on-premise deployment option or an ISO 27001-certified and SOC 2-compliant financial cloud.

Optimizing the customer journey

There is a big opportunity for insurers to convert a website visit into a human conversation. On some websites, you’ll find a chat function in the right bottom corner, which is sometimes a bot. This bot is used to guide customers through the first steps in their journey.

On the other hand, some insurance companies only offer scheduled meetings; a phone call or in-person visits. But why not turn this contact into a conversation and most importantly, into more conversion?
Unblu sees two key challenges – and solutions:

1. The user journey is broken. Often the customer has to dial a phone number to get in touch with the company or provide a lot of information via forms which he does not want to do at that stage, or the bot does not have the answer and there is no opportunity to forward the conversation to a human being. In other cases, the entire conversation history, what has been discussed before, is lost or the option of asynchronous messaging is not offered. In essence, what many insurers are doing is delaying the communication to later –  but there is no later in the Internet business.

2. Not tailoring the various communications and collaboration functions like chatbots, messaging, video, voice exchange document, or even co-browsing to the different stages where the customer is in their user journey on the website. So, what about defining at which stage of the user journey the chat option will be offered to the customer or the video option? And then with just one click, the customer will be connected with an advisor. And if that advisor then can seamlessly see what the customer is doing on the website or can even exchange a document at the same time, right at the moment when the customer is asking for it. Then a simple customer call is easily turned into a collaboration between advisor and customer. This approach allows insurers to create new user journeys, guiding user behavior and driving conversions.

How it works

The Unblu Platform supports hybrid experiences. With the Unblu platform, insurers enable their customers to launch, for example, a chat, which can then be easily turned into video call to make it more personal. Collaboration is possible through co-browsing sessions and it also includes document sharing and e-signature. Customers can start a video call right away, or start a chat via SMS or Whatsapp; they can also schedule a meeting for a later time if that is preferred.

This results in:

  • 4 times more meetings are being scheduled, which means more time for the customers;
  • 3 times higher conversion rates because of better collaboration with the customers;
  • 50 percent reduction in customer support cost thanks to live chat and co-browsing;

    Why did we select Unblu for DIA Munich 2022? 

    People want to make informed decisions about their future financial plans. With Unblu, insurers can support a collaborative approach on their website to actively engage with their customers. The platform helps insurers to provide a better customer experience and drive more revenue when engaging with prospects and clients. 

    Unblu has partnerships with key front-end players in the banking and insurance industry and has been a partner for 160+ financial institutions globally for over 13 years. Insurers such as AON, Helvetia and Sanitas are using its conversational solutions to increase revenue, make their call center more efficient, and provide a better customer experience.

    Who is Unblu?

    Unblu is a privately held Swiss company headquartered in Basel. With 100+ employees from more than 30 nationalities, Unblu has teams in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, Benelux, Spain, Bulgaria, and Czech Republic.

    “Our mission is to develop the best-in-class conversational technology to enable financial institutions to deliver digital in-person experiences anytime and anywhere. With innovation at the core of what we do, we make sure each of our people plays a part in that process”

    Luc Haldimann – CEO Unblu
    Amsterdam 12-13 June


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