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Unblu: humanising digital insurance

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jun 23, 2022

In the past two years consumers have been using digital channels like never before, from working from home to meeting friends to getting financial advice. When it comes to buying and servicing insurance, the options seem endless. 

Unblu underlines the opportunities that come with digital yet stresses that it should be about more than just ‘online face-to-face’ meetings. In its view, digital engagement and collaboration could and should increase the number of client meetings, increase the cost-effectiveness of advisors, and help all channels to close business.

Its solutions enable connecting people with their insurance advisers when they need help buying insurance and protecting something or someone they care about (health, life, retirement, home et cetera).

Unblu’s solutions are designed for hybrid conversational journeys, driving client communication on existing sales and service channels. Unblu can be integrated into an insurer’s web, customer portals and apps to text, meet and collaborate with customers online.

The solution is secure and compliant, and Unblu offers an on-premise deployment option or an ISO 27001 certified and SOC2 compliant Financial Cloud.

How does it work?

The Unblu Platform is divided into three main blocks to support hybrid experiences:

  • Video and Voice enable a fully personalised experience. The prospect or client will be able to meet the advisor and talk to him in person, just as he would in an agency. Unblu allows customers and visitors to book their own meetings.
  • Collaboration through co-browsing options include screen sharing, document exchange and e-signature to make sure the journeys are flawless.
  • Texting capabilities enable users to communicate directly and immediately with agents and support staff. Through Unblu’s Live Chat and Secure Messenger, customers and advisors can share documents, images or what they might need. The platform can connect with external messaging applications such as WhatsApp or SMS, and has partnerships and integrations with the top chatbot providers in the financial industry.

Some facts to proof the possibilities and success stories:

  • 4x number of meetings are being scheduled, meaning more customer-facing time;
  • 3x higher conversion rates thanks to a better collaboration with customers;
  • 50% customer support cost reduction thanks to live chat and co-browsing;
  • 94% of banking customers recommend the experience, insurers may leverage this.

Why did we select Unblu to DIA Amsterdam 2022?

Bridging self-service and human advice is a big theme in a digital world.

With many digital-first options out there, customers will punish providers who do not meet their service expectations. While digital experiences have rapidly become synonymous with progress, the reality of many insurance journeys is not as simple as just self-service, or just remote interactions. A growing customer base favours a “multi-access” way of engagement, comprising both online and offline channels. Self-service may be great for certain needs, but customers must always feel that human help is there for them—be it in-branch or via their mobile app.

For 13 years Unblu has proven to be a robust partner for 160+ financial institutions globally. Insurers such as AON, Helvetia or Sanitas are using its conversational solutions to increase revenue, make their call center more efficient and provide better customer experience.

Who is Unblu?

Unblu is a privately held Swiss company headquartered in Basel. With 100+ employees from more than 30 nationalities, Unblu has teams in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, Benelux, Spain, Bulgaria and Czech Republic. S

Since 2008, Unblu’s Conversational Platform has helped 160+ financial institutions to deliver in-person experiences online such as with UBS, AON, Deutsche Bank, Helvetia et cetera. Unblu has partnerships with key front-end players in the banking and insurance industry worldwide.

Our mission is to develop the best-in-class conversational technology to enable financial institutions to deliver digital in-person experiences anytime and anywhere. With innovation at the core of what we do, we make sure each of our people play a part in that process

Luc Haldimann – CEO Unblu

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