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Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Sep 19, 2017 is America’s leading on-demand roadside assistance service.  Designed for the on-demand economy and the connected car revolution, is providing the fastest, safest and most innovative roadside assistance experience, all without a subscription or membership fee. They offer transparent service with clear, flat-rate pricing, cashless payment, and reliable help for motorists in need of a tow, tire change, fuel delivery, jump start or lock-out service.  

They deliver the quickest (50% reduction in response time), safest, and most innovative roadside assistance service, products, and technology through its branded and white label products in the North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions:

  • Premier global automotive, insurance, mapping, and parking brands by providing unmatched roadside assistance service to their customers along with more data on and better insight into the performance of their roadside programs.
  • Roadside assistance professionals who can quickly see and respond to jobs closest to them, increasing their revenue and profitability while freeing them from the low rates and poor treatment by the legacy industry providers.
  • Direct-to-consumer, on-demand service to drivers at their moment of need – all without subscription or membership fee. lets drivers track their roadside assistance professional’s and estimated time of arrival in real-time on their smartphone.
  • It is the only roadside assistance service with FamilyViewSM that allowing families to know instantly if their loved ones have requested help and monitor the arrival of the service provider in real-time on their phone as well.

the “Uber” of roadside assistance
The “Uber” of the roadside assistance, is a cost-effective alternative to traditional subscription-based auto clubs.  Over 200,000 drivers across America have found better roadside assistance service through In addition, millions of drivers have direct access to through its integration in a broad range of mapping and connected car platforms. The core of the service network has been providing roadside assistance services to customers for more than 15 years.  All of their service providers have been vetted and are monitored for safety and quality to ensure the best experience possible.

Measurable impact for insurers
Their global platform-based roadside and vehicle management solution drives measurable impact for insurers across a number of financial, operational, and customer experience dimensions, including: 

Customer Experience – By reducing average time of arrival by 50% and providing innovative technology to engage policyholders in their preferred channels with unmatched transparency and live tracking, they’ve yielded CSAT and NPS scores of 4.6 and 85+, respectively. In an event that traditionally precipitates an extremely costly customer defection, they ’ve captured customer loyalty that drives a lifetime of policy renewals. 

Collision Lifecycle Management – In the U.S. alone, collision events and the associated secondary tows, storage, and replacement fees cost insurers billions per year. For one major U.S. based insurer, collision related claims cost $750M per year in collision claims fees for secondary, storage and replacement vehicles. has developed a platform-based solution that leverages connected car telematics, predictive technology, and machine-to-machine communication to beat municipal tows with M2M dispatching and customer engagement to eliminate the billions of dollars of vehicle lifecycle inefficiencies. 

Digital Efficiencies – the SmartLearning platform of unlocks and powers digital efficiencies that eliminate the costs associated with  analog, low tech roadside operations. For one major partner, they reduced customer service agent to customer connection time by 80% and eliminate over 250,000 calls from their call center per year. All while increasing customer engagement and satisfaction – 13% increase in CSAT survey results, 4.85 stars (5 star scale). 

Claims Management –’s solution provides unmatched transparency from FNOL through final disposition. The platform automatically captures detailed live data on, and monitors every job event, throughout the entire incident. By capturing significant data in real-time both in the aggregate and a job level basis and delivering in-depth reporting and analytics, they provide valuable insights and transparency into the true performance and ROI of our Partner’s roadside programs.

Stakeholder Notification – the multi-party notification platform provides complete transparency and real-time information to all the key stakeholders directly and tangentially related to a roadside service event. At the time of the event, the Insurer, the Insurance Agent, Customer, Customer’s Family, and the Service Provider all have complete visiblity into the event enabling proactive monitoring and customer engagement. 

Advanced Mobility and Vehicle Management – they’ve developed a platform-based approach to continuing the customer journey, reuniting customers with the vehicles quickly which have a measurable impact on customer experience and claims reduction. And they developed a highly efficient vehicle management platform that streamlines secondary and redistribution towing significantly lowering claims expense.

Why we selected for DIA Munich
Urgently’s approach is a prime example of completely reinventing the roadside assistance market to the benefit of premier global brands, roadside assistance professionals, insurers and especially consumers.

We are pleased Urgently will show and tell at DIA Munich. Now showing the customer journey throughout the mobile app, supported by the insurance view over the computer.

Who is
Founded in 2013 by Ric Fleisher, Surendra Goel, Lokesh Kumar, Rick Robinson, Luke Kathol and Chris Spanos (CEO). The company is based in Vienna, Virginia.

Key Investors are Allianz Digital Corporate Ventures, Verizon Ventures, American Tire Distributors and Forte Ventures. Funding Raised – $21.2 million.

Chris Spanos, CEO & CO-founder


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