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Ushur: Make your work flow

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on May 27, 2019

Ushur is a service engagement platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robotic process automation (RPA) to digitally transform both backend processes and conversational interfaces. The company has built the world’s first micro-engagement SaaS platform for automating service workflows. With extensive integrations, a robust set of APIs, and drag-and-drop visual tools, Ushur helps companies boost sales and marketing KPIs, leading to 90% open rates and 30% click-through rates. Insurance clients using Ushur for automated claims processing, sales enablement, bill processing, and eligibility of insurance have reduced call center costs by 20% and increased closing rates by 30%.

Born in the cloud and built for the enterprise. Ushur believes the experiences of customers, employees and partners can be transformed when friction and tedium from everyday tasks are removed. Working alongside existing enterprise systems and using AI, ML, NLP and bots, Ushur’s no-code, drag and drop tools automate front and back-office work across any channel; text, web, voice, social, email and machine-to-machine.  These end-users driven, intelligent automations reduce process times from weeks to hours, elevate the customer experience and improve both top and bottom line KPIs.

Fortune 500 companies have deployed Ushur to automate a variety of processes in quote intake, claims, and customer support. Before Ushur, time intensive workflows like claims took 3 or more weeks, 6 attempts before reaching claimants on the phone, and hundreds of thousands of calls into their call centers. After implementing intelligent automation, these companies have been able to automate over 600,000 calls. The back and forth has been reduced from weeks to less than an hour over conversational automation. Ushur frees employees, customers, and organization to focus on their core work.

How it works

Ushur’s platform offers a template-based approach to solving specific use-cases for companies. The platform offers a linguistics engine, together with a drag and drop process and conversation builder, invisible apps that deliver app-like experiences without asking customers to download an app and integration hooks into standard and proprietary systems of record. Along with this infrastructure, Ushur offers real-time monitoring, audit capabilities and a powerful analytics engine.

Why we selected Ushur for DIA Amsterdam
Ushur’s platform-based approach to enterprise automation will substantially reduce costs for customer service, while simultaneously creating incredible top-line opportunities across sales and marketing. It is a prime example how AI-based service engagement platforms benefit the insurance industry.

At DIA Amsterdam, Ushur’s Co-Founder & CEO, Simha Sadasiva, will showcase its invisible app. Ushur’s invisible app is a channel delivered through SMS to connect with customers and delivers an app-like experience without asking customers to download or log-in to an app. Insurance companies utilize the invisible app for communicating private, sensitive information over a secure, encrypted interface. The truly innovative part of Ushur’s invisible app is the ability to customize, white-label, and design the app in minutes with real-time updates. Ushur will demonstrate the invisible app for a variety of insurance use cases such as EOI, claims processing, renewals, and billing.

Who is Ushur?
Ushur was founded in 2014 by Simha Sadasiva, CEO and Henry Peter, CTO.

Henry Peter brings his expertise in cloud-based complex communications technology and massively scalable architectures. He was previously the software architect for session management and border security solutions for VoIP at Dialogic, and prior to that Systems Architect at Veraz, which followed on from six years at Lucent Technologies as part of a team of pioneers in software-based call processing and routing.  Simha Sadasiva’s passion centers on creating elegant products that support completely frictionless communication for higher value relationships and building global teams and massively scalable infrastructure. Prior to Ushur, Simha was the head of the Session Delivery Network Solutions Business Unit at Dialogic, formerly Veraz, and was part of the team that led the company through a successful IPO in 2007. Simha has held leadership roles at a number of technology companies including 3COM and Lucent Technologies.

Ushur has offices in Silicon Valley, CA and Bangalore, India. The startup raised their $12M Series A funding led by premier Silicon Valley venture capital firm 8VC.

Our vision of delivering frictionless experiences for end-customers is being realized with a marque of brands who have already deployed Ushur,” Simha Sadasiva, co-founder and CEO of Ushur.

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