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Valoo (previously CBien): THE platform for your belongings!

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 26, 2018

Based in Paris, Nantes and Hamburg, Valoo is the first digital asset management platform (iOS, Android and on the Web) which helps people to secure, to value and to manage their belongings. It enables users to gather all the info about their belongings (invoices, pictures and purchase date) in one single app. The company’s algorithm determines the value of the items, which can then be managed or insured. Besides the securing of all beloved products and referencing information/data, Valoo estimates the specific market value in real-time. Then, they offer innovative services to manage during all the items’ life cycle: for instance: moving, selling, renting and the recently launched, Insurance On Demand. All with just one-click! This service, currently available in France, allows our users to Insure their belongings when they want, for as long as they want. In a nutshell, Valoo is the app for all the belongings of a customer.

Valoo has signed 10 contracts with insurers worldwide. They won the “Argus de l’Assurance” Insurtech Trophee 2016 (France), the “IT Night” Digital Innovation Trophee in 2017 and they were the “Startup In-Residence” of Startupbootcamp Insurtech in London in 2017. Currently they are speeding up their international development.  They just launched the On Demand Insurance offer in partnership with Altima (A Maif subsidiary).


  • People tend not to find all the proof required when a damage occurs. Why? Because those proofs are often lost or hidden at the back of a drawer. Thanks to Valoo, they can add and find all the information and proofs they need in case of an incident.
  • The last years have shown the growth of C2C marketplaces and people define lower or higher prices than what can be found on the market. Why? Because people now have a conscious mind about recycling, avoiding to waste products and never really know how valuable their belongings are. They do not know their belongings’ real market value. Thanks to Valoo, they have this information in real time
  • People often waste their time by going on a lot of different websites to manage their items. Why? Because one platform for everything does not exist. Thanks to Valoo, they can find several useful services on one app and save time (insure, claim, sell, loan, help for a move, …)
  • Insurers can greatly benefit from our platform, increasing customer engagement, acquiring new ones by up-selling and cross-selling and optimizing their claim processes. Thanks to Valoo, the Insurance becomes innovative: people are able to insure in just one click, one or several belongings for as long as they want, based on their pace of life.

How it works

With Valoo, insurance becomes innovative: people are able to insure in just one click, one or several belongings for as long as they want, based on their pace of life.

Why we selected Valoo for DIA Amsterdam
The French startup creates and develops new innovative solutions that simplify and facilitate the daily life of users and the handling of claims for insurers. Allowing insurers to offer relevant services to their clients which makes their lives a lot easier.

At DIA Amsterdam Veloo will show and tell about their newest service: the On Demand Insurance.

Who is Valoo
David Gascoin co-founded Valoo in 2013. It has now 30 employees in France and Germany and is in partnership with more than 6 insurers in Europe. The platform is available in France, Luxemburg, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium and soon in Germany and other European countries.

Valoo has raised more than 10 million Euros and is now preparing a 3rd round.

”Our vision is to create a platform allowing people to do everything with their belongings: protect them, value them, resell them, share them, etc.” David Gascoin Co-founder & CEO.


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