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Van Ameyde and Simplifai: Leveraging AI to cultivate the human touch in the claims process

Written by Jolijn Schalkwijk on Apr 30, 2024

The human touch is truly fundamental throughout a high-stress claims process, and, with the help of AI, this can be sped up and made extremely efficient, whilst keeping empathy and personal touch front and centre. With Van Ameyde and Simplifai, customers are handled with the utmost respect for the often highly emotional situations that they are in. The interactions are incredibly human and brought to a conclusion faster than they would have been without the help of AI/automation.

Van Ameyde uses Simplifai’s AI-powered automation in its IT platforms to maximise the time that claims handlers use on aspects of the process that require human empathy and intelligence. Insurance companies can now focus on higher-level thought processes during claims intake and handling. They no longer have to manage mindless tasks like requesting more information or ensuring the data is correct. 

How does this process work?

Van Ameyde’s systems exist to make humans as efficient as possible by automating repetitive processes that do not need human intelligence. This is done in an intuitive, user-friendly system environment. The level of connectivity is also crucial so that each authenticated third-party interface can, for example, report a loss to Van Ameyde in a way that its system can understand what went wrong and already begin to solve the issue.

Intelligent data is mission-critical, and an example of this is in fraud detection. Claims handling can be accessed by Van Ameyde’s software in the form of its independent European claims handling platform – ECHO. The claims handling process identifies whether the situation/object involved in the loss has insurance coverage and finds out who is liable for it. This main process is enriched with data analytics and robotics to automate partial or whole processes with AI.

ECHO can be used in its 46 subsidiaries and external parties in multiple countries. ECHO is a process handler that guides the claims handler throughout the entire claims process – from first notice of loss (FNOL) until closure of claims. ECHO has AI-powered automation that accelerates Van Ameyde’s business performance and keeps its claims handling system running. It automates simple, routine tasks and allows Van Ameyde’s claims handlers to take on more intense, complicated files that require human heart and human intelligence.

Why did we select Van Ameyde and Simplifai for ITC DIA Europe Amsterdam

Claims handlers and other experts in the insurance industry should not have any fear that AI will replace their jobs. If anything, it will make their functions more important and interesting, as they can direct their human intelligence and empathy towards more complex, intriguing claims. There are two main benefits when using AI in claims handling – on the one hand, insurers enjoy faster, more cost-effective claims handling. On the other hand, policyholders enjoy a faster, more satisfying insurance experience.

At ITC DIA Europe Amsterdam, Erik Leung, Co-Founder and Product Visionary at Simplifai, and Van Ameyde’s Director Digital Innovation Marco Valkenburg and COO Jan-Mchiel Cillessen will take the stage together to dive into the topic of how Generative AI helps insurers make decisions while ensuring a human is in the driver’s seat.

Who are Van Ameyde & Simplifai?

Van Ameyde is a global claims and risk management company that specialises in providing innovative and efficient solutions for insurance and related industries. With a focus on technology-driven services, Van Ameyde helps clients optimise their claims processes, enhance customer experience, and manage risks effectively. With over 35 affiliated companies and 46 offices in 30 countries, Van Ameyde serves a portfolio of over 1,000 corporate clients and 800,000 claims incidents every year.

Simplifai has been around since 2017, founded by Bård Myrstad (CEO) and Erik Leung (CPO). Simplifai currently has a team of 110 people and claims to be the first company to create a GPT-based product that is GDPR-compliant and specifically for the insurance industry. Simplifai focuses on insurance providers and related businesses, ensuring claims and underwriting are handled quickly and easily. It is located in Oslo Norway, with offices in Pune, India and the Netherlands.

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