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Vayyar: Creating a 3D Image of surroundings in real-time

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 12, 2018

Vayyar, the startup based in Tel Aviv, is addressing the need for accurate and affordable sensors which are capable of 3D imaging that can be integrated across many platforms. Vayyar sensors are unlike human vision or optics. They create a 3D Image of everything happening in real-time. Monitoring in parallel the presence of multiple people, identifying their location, posture and vital signs. It can do this from a distance or through walls, with no optics or wearables, thus protecting privacy and setting the standard for “data minimization” as mandated by the FTC.

For Insurers, Vayyar’s sensors gather data and identify trends, as well as real-time alerting. Thereby enabling preventative and better care, as well as drastically minimize claims and costs.

Vayyar works with Fortune 100 companies across a spectrum of industries from automotive and medical to retail and robotics. They are currently expanding into working with insurers.

No camera needed
The traditional way of tracking and monitoring people requires either cameras or wearables. Vayyar technology is a single sensor which can be mounted discreetly and unobtrusively. It does not use a camera so there are no pictures and it can be used in privacy sensitive areas like bathrooms and bedrooms. Wearables can be problematic because people either forget to wear them or don’t want to wear them. Vayyar gives people the most freedom and flexibility possible while safely monitoring them and their surroundings.

How it works
Vayyar’s sensors gather data and identify trends, as well as real-time alerting. Thereby enabling preventative and better care, as well as drastically minimize claims and costs. Vayyar’s sensors are technically MIMO radars on a chip. Smaller than a quarter, they detect radio waves, and therefore the presence and movement of people, across a 10-meter area. Because they don’t rely on light and optics, like cameras do, they can “see” through walls, smoke and darkness.

Vayyar’s sensors don’t produce an ordinary picture. Instead, you’ll see people on a grid, and Vayyar can track their breathing, as well as if they’re sitting, standing or laying down. By monitoring breathing, Vayyar can send an alert if someone stops breathing. By monitoring whether you’re laying down, Vayyar can know if someone took a fall. The sensor itself looks quite plain — it’s essentially a white square you hang from your ceiling.


  • Elderly Care:  Vayyar sensors can detect falls in the bedroom or bathroom, and work in steam, dark and through curtains.  They monitor activity level and identify trends that help to preemptively indicate if a person has a change in daily behavior patterns which might indicate illness, injury or a deterioration of functioning.
  • Security: monitor for intruders outside the perimeter of homes; and detect people’s presence in enclosed spaces during emergencies.
  • Property management: proactively identify and alert of water leaks inside the walls of your property.
  • Automotive: alert and monitor conditions of a baby left in a locked car.  It detects seat-belt buckling and can provide the number and status of passengers in real-time to emergency authorities (e-call), and more.

Why we selected Vayyar for DIA Amsterdam
We selected Vayyar for DIA Amsterdam because their sensors are part of the emerging market of connected homes, cars and the internet of things. With the use of one advanced 3D imaging sensors instead of multiple varieties of sensors and chips, Vayyar can unify the internet of things- making it more efficient, effective and affordable.

Vayyar sensors dramatically reduce the cost of current systems because there is one sensor which can play multiple roles in a variety of conditions. Vayyar sensors can be used in the smart home and office, in automobile and autonomous vehicles and on property perimeters. It is agnostic to environments and can work in light, dark, fog and rain.

At DIA Amsterdam, Vayyar will be presenting Elderly Care and Property management solutions based on Vayyar 3D imaging technology. 

Who is Vayyar
Founded in 2011 by CEO Raviv Melamed, VP R&D Miri Ratner, and CTO Naftali Chayat.
The company started with the vision to develop a new modality for breast cancer detection by using RF to quickly and affordably look into human tissue to detect malignant growths. As the technology matured and evolved, Vayyar leveraged it to open up new capabilities and widen its application scope to additional markets including smart home, security, automotive, retail, elderly care, construction, agriculture and more.

Vayyar is a rapidly expanding with products in development at every stage from the idea, prototype, clinical trial and product on the market. The Vayyar offices have sophisticated R&D labs to develop a wide range of products and uses. In-house, our products are researched, created, tested, implemented and deployed. The company is both B2B and B2C.

Vayyar has raised a total of $79 million this includes the most recent Series C funding round of $45 million in December 2017.

Raviv Melamed, co-founder, CEO and Chairman, Vayyar Imaging

I am proud and honored to work with such a passionate, innovative and multi-disciplinary team.  We look forward to advancing Vayyar Imaging’s technologies into a new era where low-cost imaging systems can solve major challenges in a variety of different markets, including breast cancer screening, monitoring aging populations for their safety, saving water through accurate irrigation, and so much more,” Raviv Melamed, co-founder, CEO and Chairman, Vayyar Imaging


Representative: Ian Podkamien

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