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VIEWAPP: Digitising insurance inspections with fraud protection

Written by Jolijn Schalkwijk on Apr 23, 2024

Insurers often have to send a specialist on a trip to review a claim. These inspections include travel expenses and are often still not protected against fraud. VIEWAPP automates and digitises processes, empowering both in-house specialists and customers to conduct inspections efficiently. This innovative approach accelerates sales and settlements, reduces costs by up to 70%, and effectively combats fraud.

VIEWAPP makes digital inspections possible of any insurance objects, providing end-to-end digital services for insurance – from the time of the pre-insurance inspection to claims settlement. All VIEWAPP digital inspections are under fraud protection. Its platform boasts a flexible inspection template builder, enabling the creation and management of inspections of any complexity. VIEWAPP also streamlines the generation of final inspection reports complete with data and digital signatures, marking a significant step forward in digitising traditional inspection processes.

How it works

The VIEWAPP application grants authorised users access to necessary inspection templates. Upon authorisation, users receive preliminary instructions and are guided through inspection steps with prompts, making the process straightforward. Additionally, through the web interface, insurance company users can review past inspections or generate new inspection templates using the built-in inspection template and form builder tools.

Why did we select VIEWAPP for ITC DIA Europe Amsterdam?

VIEWAPP already completed 700,000 inspections. Insurance companies, with whom VIEWAPP have been working for several years, successfully perform remote secure inspections of their objects, e.g. inspections of Trucks, special equipment in hard-to-reach places, and real estate by the clients themselves. This is possible due to the generated inspection template with inbuilt prompts and protection against manipulation.

In Amsterdam, Aleksandr Fokin, founder and CEO of VIEWAPP, will show its demo, using examples of inspections that are of interest to insurers, as well as demonstrating the new functionality and highlighting the security that its technology provides in contrast to popular web-link applications.

The very new block will be dedicated to VIEWAPP’s advantages such as:

  • Internet connection independence
  • Software code security
  • Advanced screen interface
  • Possibility to continue inspection
  • Signature and access to PDF
  • List of inspections carried out by the Agent and by the Client
  • Notifications push with distribution guarantee
  • By 09.2024 we will have an SDK for the integration


VIEWAPP was founded by Aleksandr Fokin in 2018. VIEWAPP emerged from his background in finance, particularly within the insurance sector. With a current team of 22 members, VIEWAPP anticipates growing its developer base to 50-100 individuals shortly, aligning with the project’s rapid progress. Immediate plans include market penetration in Spain and Bahrain, followed by a strategic expansion into other European and GCC markets. This ambitious roadmap underscores VIEWAPP’s commitment to revolutionizing digital inspections and serving the evolving needs of the global insurance landscape. Its platform already serves 50+ customers, it is growing with its own funds and is ready to attract investments as it is in the stage of growth and scaling to different regions.

Aleksandr Fokin, founder and CEO of VIEWAPP
Amsterdam 12-13 June


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