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VIEWAPP: Remote digital inspections to reduce fraud and save costs

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 30, 2023

For many insurance companies, remote digital inspections to reduce the problem of fraud can be a costly and time-consuming challenge. VIEWAPP can help insurers tackle this challenge.

VIEWAPP is a digital inspection technology implemented via a smartphone app, which is designed for the user to perform remote inspections themselves. Inspections are conducted according to pre-designed scenarios and the results are guaranteed to be fraud-proof.

Any AI-based solution for damage recognition can be integrated into the inspection scenario, resulting in a complete digital service cycle for insurance from the moment of insurance acceptance to loss settlement.

The innovation of the VIEWAPP digital platform lies in the realisation of digital inspections of any complexity, be it a pre-insurance inspection of a car or a helicopter, a country house or special machinery. This is possible because the platform uses a flexible scenario builder to create and manage inspections. VIEWAPP also features final document generation with inspection data and digital signature.

How it works

VIEWAPP enables not only the automation and digitisation of insurance company inspections by the company’s own specialists, but also the delegation of inspections to the company’s customers. This speeds up sales and settlements, frees up and saves resources – up to 70% of insurance inspection costs – and reduces the problem of fraud.

A good example is one of VIEWAPP’s clients, who had to inspect helicopters in Burkina Faso during a pandemic and entrusted these complex and expensive inspections to VIEWAPP. Instead of sending a team of specialists on a week-long trip, they simply wrote up a scenario and gave the VIEWAPP app to the person in charge of the helicopters, who was able to do the inspections quickly and thoroughly, guided by the app.

The VIEWAPP application provides access to the required inspection scenario after authorisation. The user then receives a preliminary instruction and follows the inspection steps with prompts. In the web interface, the user of the insurance company can check the inspections performed or create new scenarios using the scenario and forms builder. Over 530,000 inspections have already been carried out with VIEWAPP.

Why we selected VIEWAPP for ITC DIA Europe Munich

VIEWAPP provides insurers with an important tool to support remote inspections in a thorough and efficient manner. VIEWAPP’s Founder and CEO Aleksandr Fokin will take the stage at ITC DIA Europe Munich to show how VIEWAPP can help insurers reduce fraud and save costs.

Aleksandr will show how VIEWAPP works using examples of different inspections; inspections of any type of object, use of damage recognition with high accuracy, final document with a digital signature, and fraud protection.


VIEWAPP was founded in 2018 by Aleksandr Fokin, who has a degree in finance, specialising in insurance. Prior to that, Aleksandr founded the startup Insurance CASSA, which focused on the sale of insurance products. Based on his experience and connections with the insurance world he developed a new innovative technology for digital inspections called VIEWAPP, tackling an important and costly challenge for many insurers.

VIEWAPP is growing with its own funds and is ready to attract investments as it is in the stage of growth and scaling to different regions. The startup team is also growing – from 17 people currently, to a team of 50-100 developers in the near future.

Aleksandr Fokin, Founder and CEO of VIEWAPP
Amsterdam 12-13 June


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