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Vigi: location based & flexible travel and device insurance turned on and off with a swipe

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 17, 2018

Vigi is a corporate startup, powered by Dutch insurance giant VIVAT. Vigi offers flexible, hyper relevant insurances through its super user-friendly mobile app, starting with travel- and device insurance. Vigi offers an on demand, on item insurance to give people the flexibility to insurance their gadgets when they think it is needed. New is the flexible and highly relevant travel insurance. With the item insurance, people can easily add their item through the app, receive a quote and after a one-time subscription customer can easily insure their items for the moments they want to be covered, with just one swipe.

At Vigi they believe young millennials have different needs and opinions about financial products, especially because they demand flexibility and control. With their app they offer on-demand and on-item insurances. They believe users should only pay for insurances when they actually need it and only for the items they really care about. With just one swipe users are able to insure their camera for the weekend and when they come home they swipe it off again. Furthermore, they support an easy claim process for their customers by simply offering a chat interface in the app whenever a customer wants to make a claim. Vigi’s vision is based on the fundamental believe that the power of mobile can deliver new forms of customer value to insurance products and complementing user experiences.


What makes Vigi unique is the holistic approach in offering the complete experience from getting the quote until filing a claim and handling all communication through one central place: the Vigi app.

Although Vigi is operating independently, VIVAT is risk carrier and runs a large part of the insurance cycle. Other parts, like customer communication and payments are as much as possible automated, digitalized and handled from the startup team.

Vigi has been recognized for its innovativeness with a top 20 position in the Accenture Innovation Awards and has been one of the highlights at the Lean Startup Summit EMEA 2018. Their products are approved by the Dutch Authorities.


How it works
With the travel insurance the same flexibility and easiness applies. A one-time subscription is needed and Vigi request the user to share the location. Once the location is shared they monitor if people are in their home country or abroad. In case they identify the location as being abroad, the coverage of the insurance is triggered, and people get notified that they are covered. When they arrive back home, the coverage goes off again. The premium model is based on a pay per day premium, with a maximum amount per year, such that users don’t have to choose between short term or continuous insurance.

Why we selected Vigi for DIA Munich
Vigi makes the insurance experience relevant with their platform, especially with the new travel insurance where they simplify the active coverage based on the location, so it is truly relevant to be insured. Besides that, Vigo delivers excellent customer experience and engage with the customers through a new channel, offering new possibilities like reminding people to switch off their insurance and notifying people they are covered once arrived at their destination.

The Travel Insurance is unique as the coverage is triggered by the location of the customer. Only when abroad, the coverage is switched on and switched off again when arriving in your home country.

Who is Vigi?
Vigi was founded in January 2017 after an intensive design sprint where the idea for an on-demand insurance for Millennial’s gadgets originated. Vigi developed its app and first product within 5 months and launched into the market in June 2017. Vigi is currently only available in the Netherlands. 

They have a steady user base of over 13.000 millennials in the Netherlands. They expect to increase this number with the introduction of their new travel insurance. After this introduction they will have a close look to further scaling of the platform with their shareholder.

Daan Tolk is the Teamlead and Product owner, responsible for translating the needs and problems of customers, business representatives and other stakeholders into what is needed to build a sustainable and valuable product.

Almar Aubel is the Techlead and Scrum master, responsible for back-end and front-end development, helping the team to succeed and stay in touch with the parent company for both tech- and insurance product development.

VIVAT encompasses the insurance brands Zwitserleven, Route Mobiel, Reaal and nowGo, and asset manager ACTIAM. The organizations that have been brought together in VIVAT have been helping customers to become more financially self-reliant for 150 years. Education and solidarity were key concepts for their predecessors, and today they are still a reliable insurer with a social conscience.
VIVAT delivers advanced and smart solutions to customers in a customized and simple way. VIVAT leverages state of the art technologies and excels in efficient business processes. They foster an agile culture where customer service improves continuously and employees grow.

”We believe the power of the mobile phone will revolutionize the way people will buy and use insurances and this is why we believe in the strength of amobile app in combination with truly relevant insurance products”. Daan Tolk, Teamlead Vigi

Daan Tolk, Teamlead & Almar Aubel Techlead Vigi

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