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Vigo: world’s first telematics insurance demanded by users

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 21, 2019

The Slovene startup Movalyse developed a telematic product for user-oriented motorcycle insurance, Vigo insurance, which emerged from the partnership with the second-largest insurance company in Slovenia, Zavarovalnica Sava d.d. Vigo is stand-alone motorcycle fire & theft insurance with SOS call and other user-demanded services. It is the world’s first telematics insurance demanded by the end-users.

The innovative user-based insurance product, which ensures the motorcycle and the driver, enables a 24/7 supervision of the vehicle. In the field of motorcycle insurance, it represents the revolution and is a first of its kind in the international market. Motorcycle theft is a huge problem and of the biggest fear of motorcyclists. On the other hand, theft insurance is extremely expensive due to high risk and frauds.

Vigo reduces risk, prevents fraud and enables affordable theft insurance which offers a gateway to user-demanded telematics. It is an out-of-the-box solution that consists of the telemetric box for motorcycles, application and comprehensive back end system. In contrary to other telematics products that are focused solely on insurances, Vigo is focused on the end-user.


Vigo was first introduced to the Slovene, European and international market in spring 2019, and in the first half-year, its total available market demand reached 4,6 per cent.

Increased revenue per user
By focusing on the services demanded by an end-users Vigo increases revenues per user by 85%. By providing end-users with a service they need and a solution they demand while insurance companies get a gateway for successful application of all telematic benefits such as PHYD, PAYD, fraud prevention, cost reduction, advanced analytics, automatic claim procession etc. 

In cooperation with Sava insurance, a second-biggest insurance company in the region they proved that motorcycle rider demanded independent anti-theft insurance. Only 10% of motorcycle riders insured their motorcycles with fully comprehensive insurance due to high costs. Vigo enabled to increase the average growth of revenue per user for 85% by offering an independent telematic anti-theft insurance-based product. In less than four months, the product reached 4,6% market share, and a lot of exposure. About 20% of Vigo users came from competing insurance companies. Vigo detected eight accidents, two of them with serious consequences and had 0 claims, 2 prevented thefts.

Cost reduction through reduced theft and fraud risk, automated claim processing, and a unique telematic scoring system allowing to introduce the pay-as-you-drive insurance models. What makes the Vigo platform unique is that it establishes a direct communication channel with the end-user through the connected platform, enabling direct interaction and upsell opportunities.


How it works
The Vigobox which can be implemented to the vehicle, informs the owner via a phone app that the motorcycle was moved unauthorized. This function prevents fraud, and its essential added value is automatic accident detection, with which it saves lives.

Vigo, as a motorcyclist insurance platform, is part of end-user’s life every time they sit on their motorcycle. It is an ecosystem with core services the user needs in all aspect of their interaction with their motorcycle. Nevertheless, the complete system and an app are intuitive, not interfering with user’s life when not in usage. Vigo is a data-driven, user-based insurance platform that uses innovative approaches to make insurance interactive and available on the spot.

Why we selected Movalys/Vigo for DIA Munich
With the ability to prevent fraud, personalized premiums and enabling direct interaction with users, Vigo insurance promises a change in the way insurers interact with insurances.

At DIA Munich Rok Upelj, co-founder and chief executive officer will be presenting the platform.

Check out their live demo here:​

Who is Movalyse/Vigo?
Movalyse is a Slovenian company founded 2014 in Ljubljana. Its core mission is to make the road a safer place with non-intrusive user-based services. The company developed several innovative products such as the world’s first self-cancelling turn signals for motorcycle. The startup has grown to over 800k of revenue and gathered over 300k from private and public investors.

Rok Upelj is a co-founder and chief executive officer at Movalyse a company with a mission to improve motorcyclist safety on the road.

The company invented and successfully launched the world’s first accurate self-cancelling turn signal module and deceleration detection module. He is a strong advocate of developing products working hand in hand with end-users to get amazing insight into their problems, needs, and fears. Such design product thinking also helped them develop a new generation motorcycle insurance platform focused on user demanded services.

It’s founders Rok and Miha are going way back as they were playing football together until someday Miha has realized that motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable traffic participants and they can do something to make the road a safer place for motorcyclists.

“Vigo is on a mission to connect, secure and insure based on 24/7 customer demanded services” Rok Upelj co-founder & CEO

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