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VitalHealth Software: eHealth solutions for population management

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 6, 2016

VitalHealth Software develops cloud-based eHealth solutions in particular for people with chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer, COPD, Depression and Alzheimer’s. The impact of VitalHealth software is huge since chronic diseases account for the majority of healthcare costs; approximately 80% of the total costs of healthcare, because worldwide there are more than 2 billion people affected by a chronic disease. VitalHealth serves a variety of providers in health networks like insurance companies, hospitals, behavioural health and partner networks. The company is well on its way to improve the health of 10 million people by the end of 2016. Their eHealth solutions are already used in the United States, Argentina, China, Spain, France, Germany, India, the Netherlands and Belgium. Often in close cooperation with insurers that are looking to improve care as well as reduce costs at the same time. Quality is a key benefit from VitalHealth software. Backed by the clinical expertise of the Mayo Clinic, VitalHealth is committed to bridging the gap between the provider and patient, while at the same time empowering patients in their care. The premise here is that by combining the patients’ data from various sources (e.g. GP, hospital and lab systems) provides a more comprehensive longitudinal view of a patient’s clinical history, and with built-in clinical rules and decision support, they can also support the physician in diagnosing and planning treatment for the patient. With the reality that medical knowledge doubles approximately every eight years, today’s physician relies increasingly on software-enabled support for their medical practice, particularly in specialties where advances occur almost daily. By second guessing physicians through drug-drug and drug-allergy alerts, as well as highlighting out of range results on labs and vitals, the EHR plays a key role in setting parameters for clinical best practice. In addition, advanced analytics allow physicians to compare themselves and their patient populations to national, regional, and practice-level norms.

Proactive and personalized care
It’s common when a patient leaves the clinic, he doesn’t hear anything from his care provider until he’s back in the office again. He is not being held accountable for the personal care he takes on a daily basis. VitalHealth Software provides the solution, creating a healthcare environment where patients receive proactive and personalized care using smart, web-based, mobile health IT solutions. Patients facing healthcare issues need to be able to count on well-organized and coordinated care. Every medical professional participating in the care process needs direct access to all relevant patient medical information, no matter when or where this information was collected or generated. Patients need access to that same information in order to take ownership of their health, as far as they are willing and able to. Providers can stay more in touch with their patient population once they leave the office and even identify when their patients are non-compliant and might need a follow-up visit. VitalHealth Software can send messages to the patient in ways that meet their individual needs and desires.

Cloud-based platform
The VitalHealth Platform is the common denominator for all e-health applications, is knowledge-based and entirely focused on healthcare, with full support for protocols, code systems and medical rules. It includes out-of-the-box support for modern authentication methods. Traditional Electronic Medical Record (EMR’s) and Electronical Health Record (EHR’s) offer limited support for chronic disease and health screening care protocols. The VitalHealth Software fills the gap with different ehealth solutions: VitalHealth CHM (Collaborative Health Management) provides protocol-driven disease management screening and coordinates care transitions and referrals. It is tightly integrated with existing EHR systems. The workflow is designed with the knowledge from the Mayo Clinic. It is implemented in European countries, the US as well as the Middle East and is the market leading solution for disease management in The Netherlands. Questlink promotes patient engagement through the use of online patient questionnaires in Mental Health Care and Hospitals. Questlink is one of the software products selected by the Ichom institute of Michael Porter. The Ichom mission is to “unlock the potential of value-based health care by defining global Standard Sets of outcome measures that really matter to patients for the most relevant medical conditions and by driving adoption and reporting of these measures worldwide.”  Queslink  is a mobile friendly application that increases patient engagement by enabling patients to report outcomes on their own schedules through any supported browser. With the ability to integrate into existing EMR’s it helps provider’s monitor patient well being and progress on key-health matters resulting in enhanced quality of care. In total, QuestLink connects close to 25,000 providers among numerous health organizations worldwide with over 750,000 patients. Third party access, such as parents completing patient health questionnaires on behalf of their children, is provided for more than 100,000 caregivers. Ehealth platform is developed to complement current treatment practices and it is designed in such a way that it seamlessly connects to the current infrastructure of the healthcare institution. It enables the practitioner and the patient to immediately begin third party digital interventions as well as being able to bring their own digital interventions. All of these digital interventions, including patient records, are displayed as a single screen within the portal. The portal gives access to all future courses of action and provides insight into progress, risks, therapy adherence, supplementary data, and even learning material.

Why we selected VitalHealth Software for DIA Barcelona
We selected VitalHealth Software to ‘show & tell’ their solution at DIA Barcelona because business models in healthcare are shifting form a transactional to a relational model. Traditionally healthcare is all about face-to-face interactions, resulting in high costs. Connected health devices allow healthcare providers as well as health insurers to extend their reach and interactions with patients. Sharing data and optimal use of this data and remote patient monitoring have the potential to change the business model entirely, keeping healthcare efficient, affordable and accessible – in particular when dealing with chronic conditions. VitalHealth Software is highly successful and already improving the health of nearly 10 million people.

Who is VitalHealth Software
VitalHealth Software is a successful global company founded in 2006 by the Mayo Clinic (USA) and the Noaber Foundation (The Netherlands). VitalHealth is a global company headquartered in The Netherlands, with locations in multiple countries, such as the US, India and Germany. It combines the medical expertise of Mayo Clinic with the deep IT knowledge and entrepreneurial experience of Noaber Foundation. Four experienced executives lead the company with a long track record in the enterprise software industry. We are very pleased to have COO Michiel van Genuchten as a speaker.


Presenting at DIA Barcelona Michiel van Genuchten, COO

Contact info Business Developtment/Sales: Michiel van Genuchten, COO, +31(0)318754700, [email protected]

Press/Media: Laura Nijenhuis, Marketeer, +31(0)318754700, [email protected]


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