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Vivametrica: using intelligence to live life better

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on May 8, 2018

Canadian Vivametrica develops predictive analytics for insurers and wellness. Leveraging smartphone and wearable technology, Vivametrica uses digital biomarkers to predict risk for disease, mortality and overall health status. Recent research, including work by their team, has uncovered the importance of physical activity on health and mortality. Their platform provides tools for digital underwriting and new ways to engage policy holders and potential customers.

Vivametrica’s platform has the ability to streamline underwriting using data and technology to potentially replace lengthy questionnaires, blood tests and medical examinations. Their analytics are based on the largest known population-based database in the world. This proprietary data has been collected over years from multiple sources and includes people from Canada, the US and China. Their analytics have been verified by both Munich Re and SCOR, two leading global reinsurers. With SCOR they develop a Biological Age Model for insurance underwriting.

The startup is in the phase of several pilot projects. Vivametrica works with direct carriers in Canada, the US and Asia Pacific market. Vivametrica’s founders are leaders in their respective fields and have won international acclaim and several awards for their research.

How it works

Why we selected Vivametrica for DIA Amsterdam
Advanced health analytics to enable accelerated and simplified underwriting for life and health insurers.

At DIA Amsterdam Dr. Rick Hu, Vivametrica founder and CEO will be presenting Vivametrica’s technology with applications within insurance.

Who is Vivametrica?
Vivametrica was incorporated in 2013, by dr. Rick Hu CEO and world-leading clinicians and researchers, who are also founders of the Stanford Wearable Health Lab.

Based in Calgary, AB, Vivametrica also has team members in Toronto, and Palo Alto, California.

From left to right: Cristy Lane (PhD Co-CEO/Founder), Rich Hu (MD CEO/Fouder) and Matt Smuck (MD Co-founder/Director Research)

”Coming from the clinical and research world, we recognize there are many factors to living life better. Understanding physical, social and economic determinants is critical to provide complete characterization of wellbeing.”


Presenter: Richard Hu

Contact details:
Rosa Bel
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Amsterdam 12-13 June


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