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Vlocity: Adding industry specific process applications to Salesforce

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Feb 12, 2016

Vlocity is a leading industry cloud software company delivering cloud and mobile software that embeds industry specific functionality and processes in Salesforce. The Vlocity apps on Salesforce add value to the user through a much faster time to market, a lower total cost of ownership, and the agility of a product that stays in sync with Salesforce all the way through. Those are huge benefits from a business perspective. Developed in partnership with Salesforce, Vlocity extends the Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Communities Cloud, and other clouds with very specific business process applications for among others the verticals insurance and health insurance. Their Industry Cloud apps are omni-channel. By delivering both deep industry-specific and omni-channel capabilities, Vlocity helps improve customer retention, cross-sell and up-sell with more targeted offers; it enhances customer loyalty and improves profitability. Vlocity processes are built with tremendous industry-specific expertise based on years of experience in the verticals they serve.

Why we selected Vlocity for DIA Barcelona
ABD Insurance, a top 100 insurance broker in America, sells all different lines of insurance across multiple carriers and they use Salesforce. They liked it but they just couldn’t do all the things they wanted. Vlocity came in and deployed Vlocity Insurance in just 45 days. It was put on top of ABD Insurance’s Salesforce implementation and connected to the back office system. ABD Insurance now has a single view of their customers across all business lines. They are able to see customer records and easily identify for instance homeowners who do not have car or health insurance at ABD Insurance. They can see where the white spots are. If a customer calls in with a claim against an insurance policy, ABD Insurance can handle it all within Vlocity/Salesforce, allowing a much better service translating to a higher net promoter score. In short, Vlocity allows ABD insurance to get more out of their Salesforce platform.

Who is Vlocity
Vlocity was founded in early 2014 by Graig Ramsey and David Schmaier, but incorporates more than 30 years of experience. In late 1980, Craig hired Marc Benioff to work at Oracle. David Schmaier and Tom Siebel worked there also. When Tom left to start Siebel Systems, Graig and David joined him. Now at Vlocity Craig is chairman and David is CEO. Two of the Vlocity board members, Mark Armenante and Young Sohn, also previously worked at Siebel Systems. Together, they built a huge CRM company that basically created the vertical CRM software market. Vlocity has raised 42.8 million USD in a funding round led by Salesforce Ventures, with participation from Accenture. “When I go to a men’s store, I am going to pick the one that’s tailored. Companies want that too. They want the software that’s pre-configurated to the best practises. If you can get that, why wouldn’t you want that? The real value of sales is chasing something more powerful: knowledge and intelligence. In 2016, CRM software will be industry-specific, able to automatically interpret information and naturally guide people to make more informed decisions. It’s all about depth and domain expertise.” David Schmaier, Founder and CEO Vlocity


Presenting at DIA Barcelona Eric Prince, EMEA Sales Director Ron Young, VP/GM Vlocity Insurance

Contact info Malika Desai, Business Development Manager EMEA,+49 1609 2215 427, [email protected]


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