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vlot: digital ecosystem for life risk analysis, coverage and monitoring

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Feb 19, 2018

vlot is a B2B2C risk management platform, opening up an agile and integrated world of financial risk analysis, coverage and monitoring. The startup from Switzerland provides an easy-to-use “one-stop-shop” that assesses the full spectrum of state and employer specific social security benefits, then mapping it to life-situation based needs and offering a flexible insurance coverage to close existing gaps. At vlot they define success as empowering users to make immediate risk coverage adjustments by smoothly combining dynamic risk profiling with tailored and continuously adjustable coverage solutions.

vlot will have his first minimum viable product (MVP) ready in 2-3 months and is expected to go-live in Switzerland in May 2018. The first potential bank PoCs is lined up, planned under the framework of the Swisscom Open Banking Hub.

How does it work?
vlot is the first provider of a fully-fledged digital value chain combining a holistic life risk assessment with a tailored risk coverage solution topped up by ongoing life-cycle triggered adjustments. By using a B2B2C approach, they offer their services where the end customers’ need is created, at the PoS such as taking out a mortgage loan, and they enhance the experience by offering APIs that “exchange” relevant data to and from their platform.

vlot offers a unique, modular three-step approach that significantly streamlines the overall customer journey:

  1. Analysis:

Any comprehensive life risk assessment is complex and dependent on specific personal parameters. Today, this is a time consuming and largely manual process, typically involving multiple market players. Vlot will immediately provide a customized, unbiased risk assessment based on the relevant personal parameters.

  1. Coverage:

Life insurance products are well known for being static and a bureaucratic nightmare. Short-term incentives for long-term contracts make them highly customer-unfriendly. vlot instantly calculates custom tailored products that perfectly match the needs. Instead of taking commissions for a static product, they offer flexible and dynamic risk coverage.

  1. Monitoring:

Distributors of life risk products are not incentivized to follow up and monitor your chosen risk coverage – even though life is dynamic and unpredictable. vlot enables you to capture significant life cycle events, re-assess your risk coverage in light of these, and easily adjust coverage to reflect the requirements of your new circumstances – instantly and hassle-free.

vlot have done away with any commissions (only net-quotations), offer monthly credit card payment and a fully digital underwriting experience with live-feedback on premium and risk profile. Additionally, their life insurance product allows for an increase in coverage without filling out a respective health questionnaire within certain boundaries (up to 30% of initial coverage).

The vlot ecosystem

Why we selected vlot for DIA Amsterdam
vlot is the perfect showcase of one of the key insurtech trends for the years to come; so-called UPSTREAM PLATFORMS. Push strategies are becoming less and less effective. Pull is about understanding and solving the need behind the insurance solution and being present in that context. Insurers need to move upstream and be present in the context of specific life events and decisions, big and small. vlot is really tapping into this opportunity.

Who is vlot?
Founded in 2017 in Switzerland by Daniel Schmidheiny and Sandro Matter. Expansion to other countries is envisaged for 2019.

Daniel is CEO and owner of an insurance broker company, risk analysis partner for one of the largest mortgage brokers in Switzerland and offering consulting services for SMI-quoted corporates. Sandro has extensive working experience in banking, latest focus on business management and strategy & business development initiatives at Deutsche Bank WM (EMEA region). Master of Arts (M.A.) in Banking & Finance (University of St. Gallen)

Funding raised:
Seed round (Aug 2017): CHF 300’000. Interim funding via convertible loans (Feb 2018): CHF 350’000. Next qualified investment round planned for Summer 2018: ca. CHF 2’000’000

In the team of two category, Daniel and Sandro are official Swiss vice champion in road-ultra-cycling (“Tortour 2016”).

”At vlot we link personal risk coverage needs with products that harmoniously fit unique and changing life situations.” Sandro Matter, co-founder vlot

“At vlot we define success as empowering end customers to make immediate risk coverage adjustments by smoothly combining dynamic risk profiling with tailored and continuously adjustable coverage solutions.” Daniel Schmidheiny, co-founder vlot


Presenter 1: Daniel Schmidheiny
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Contact info: Sandro Matter
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