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VorFina: Supporting insurance brokers to generate 55% more revenue

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on May 1, 2019

VorFina is a provider for financial planning solutions. The Munich-based startup helps insurance brokers to generate more revenue with fully digital financial planning software. Therefore, they analyze the financial situation of customers and calculate financial needs for their retirement, occupational disability and nursing care. The VorFina software is focused on insurance brokers, to standardize the insurance sales process. Brokers working with VorFina software solutions generate 55% more revenue, typically they can close 2,8 contracts at customer visits and reduce their cancellations by 30%.

The SaaS Software solution is easy to implement in existing CRM and tariff calculator. VorFina provides their software on a monthly subscription base. From a single insurance sales approach to a more wholistic customer centric approach with a higher customer life time value.

Insurance companies and brokers with large sales teams need the right tools to be successful. Solutions which are developed by insurance companies are rarely customer-oriented. They are often too complex. Insurance brokers need an automation system which simplify their lives, like VorFina.

More than 6,000 licensees, including broker pools like Fonds Finanz, multiple agents, exclusive agents and special distributors of Barmenia trusting in VorFina’s solutions.

How it works

  • Step 1: Interview

VorFina collects all relevant customer data from different sources, like CRM, existing contracts, bank accounts and interviews to generate a customer profile. With this data they generate individual customer sales reports/online presentations.

  • Step 2: Evaluation

After the data has been recorded, an expert opinion is drawn up which deals with the individual customer situation. All questions from the customer will be answered.
VorFina also generates a sales promotion report, which enables the customer to fully understand new and complex topics.

The report includes:

  • Financial situation
  • Monthly income and expenditure
  • Existing insurances and expected returns
  • Pension gap in old age/retirement age
  • Effects of the Retirement Income Act
  • Requirements of the financial concept
  • Capital investments
  • Proposal to improve pension
  • Occupational disability and reduced earning capacity
  • Protection against prolonged illness
  • Accident and invalidity insurance
  • Care and property insurance
  • Wish to purchase an own property
  • Real estate, etc.

Why we selected VorFina for DIA Amsterdam
Digitization is making a significant impact on the brokers’ business and is changing the market with increasing speed. The interaction of MVP, consulting software and tariffing is therefore becoming increasingly important. The future lies in an open brokerage platform that enables the broker to serve more customers with less effort by digitizing, this is where VorFina comes in.

Who is VorFina?
Munich-based VorFina was founded by Philip Offergeld 10 years ago. Key-partners are special Distributors of Barmenia, Fonds Finanz and single Brokers.

“We help insurance brokers to generate with an easy to use software more revenue.
Therefore, we provide software solutions that enable Brokers to work profitably and consistently digitized. As regulation is increasing and commissions are decreasing, we make work easier and automate the closing of simple insurances like liability insurance so the Broker can concentrate on more consulting-intensive insurances like disability and retirement.”  
Philip Offergeld, Founder VorFina

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