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Wattio: Get close to clients with the better-rated smart home solution

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 5, 2018

Wattio is a complete and reliable smart home solution, aiming to improve the relation that insurance companies have with their clients. Wattio allows insurance carriers to have more frequent, close and direct contact with their customers.
The clear benefits for consumers that use Wattio, how it adds value to the customers’ life will increase customer loyalty to the companies that offer Wattio. Together with a much more comprehensive customer experience this reduces churn rate, increses the revenues per customer, creates new revenue streams etcetera. In short, Wattio’s smart home solution can play a game changing role in the insurance sector.

Differentiation through customer intimacy
The IoT is a game changer that can also be applied to differentiate from competitors. Connected devices can help insurance companies to get closer to their customers and retain them much better than they do nowadays. Obviously, this can only be achieved if these customers receive new valuable services together with the traditional insurance products. The whole package helps to change the user experience and the users’ perception about the insurance company. In fact, it will add more innovative and technological traits to their brand image.

How it works
Wattio is already in the market for 4 years now. It is installed in more than 5,000 homes.
The company is engaged in several pilots with blue chip insurance and utility companies that are part of the IBEX 35 (the benchmark stock market index of Spain’s principal stock exchange); and with great success.

Wattio provides the opportunity to control your home from wherever you are.
The Wattio concept consists of  a range of sensors and controllers in terms of energy saving, heating control and home security that you can control from your smartphone.
You will receive notification of what is going on at home and you will be able to react remotely, turning the security alarm on, switching off appliances or connecting the heater.
Users know exactly what is going on at home and they will feel more comfortable and secure.

Why we selected Wattio for DIA Amsterdam
Wattio is one of the better ranked smart home solutions; it is complete and reliable. And the company won multiple awards. Wattio has been winner of Perseo Iberdrola, winners of Toribio Prize, finalists at Cloud Innovation World Cup 2015, finalists at Global Open Innovation Business Contest 5.0 and finalists at Smart City Open Innovation Marketplace.
How Wattio is valued by the market reflects in its high ranking in opinion platforms such as Google Play and Amazon.
We definitely like how Wattio assists insurance carriers to engage much more and much better with their customer, and how these carriers can provide new added value to their customers with Wattio. Wattio is more than happy to adjust its product so that it perfectly complements the products and services of the insurance carrier to maximize synergies.
The company already conducted two pilots with insurance companies in Spain and is eager to connect with the global insurance community at DIA Amsterdam to expand to other countries and carriers.

Who is Wattio
Wattio was created on 2010 by Patxi Echeveste and the solution was launched on 2014.

“At Wattio we help utilities worldwide expand their horizons by providing new, high-value business opportunities for their customers” – Ivan Rogani, CCO Wattio

Patxi Echeveste, Founder Wattio


Representative: Ivan Rogani

Contact info: Lide Brito
Email: [email protected]

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