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WechselGott: The one and only contract manager

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 9, 2019

WechselGott is a fully automated contract manager, that analyses their customer’s bank account transaction history in order to identify existing contracts. Contracts such as energy and low-budget insurance contracts are automatically changed whenever better conditions can be found, while also giving customers a holistic overview of their financial situation.

Within minutes the WechselGott app gets the user where he can see all his finances and contracts in one place. And with PSD2 on the horizon, they can aggregate all accounts. Their algorithm screens bank transaction data, locates all optimizable contracts, cancels them and signs the user up for better ones without losing any conditions. And this is all done fully automatically. The only thing needed is a Bank Account details and a smartphone.


The fully automatic change service for electricity and gas contracts is expected to start at the end of October beginning of November 2019. In the upcoming months, the ambitious startup will continuously expand their portfolio to include further contract types and insurance policies.

The winner of the ‘Transformative Impact Award’ hopes to bring more financial and insurance literacy to a younger audience where ease is always the biggest priority. The startup joined this year’s InsurTech Hub Munich Accelerator. The InsurTech Hub Munich is an entrepreneurial platform that attracts, inspires and organizes key players and disruptors across industries and technologies to collaborate on groundbreaking, innovative insurance products and services, revolutionizing the future of Insurance.


Key-benefits of the WechselGott App

  • Fully automatic change of electricity and gas tariff
    ​They automatically change the energy provider for their users every year to save their users money
  • Continuous tariff optimization
    The algorithm regularly compares more than 12,500 electricity tariffs and continuously optimizes. Customers can save easily not only time but also several hundred euros a year.
  • No hidden costs
    Only when the user saves money the WechselGott service is financed with a service fee of 20% of the actual savings

How does it work

After a short registration and the linking of a bank account via the PSD2 interface, WechselGott immediately analyzes all bank transaction data and determine the previous contracts and conditions.

After that they conduct independent tariff research for their customers and look up the best conditions. With just one click, one can save up to several hundred euros per year.

And the best thing about WechselGott: they optimize the contracts of their customers not only once but continuously.

Why we selected WechselGott for DIA Munich
As winner of the “Transformative Impact Award” of the InsurTech Hub Munich, WechselGott was selected as participant of DIA Munich.

At DIA Munich Werner Kräutlein CEO and founder of WechselGott will present the advantages of the fully automated contract change via the PSD2 interface.

Check out their live demo here:​

Who is WechselGott?
WechselGott was founded in Leipzig in 2018. The launch in Germany is planned for October/November. WechselGott is currently preparing their seed-round.

”We are creating an enormous benefit for our customers by saving time and money” Werner Kräutlein CEO and founder WechselGott 

Amsterdam 12-13 June


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