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What’s Happening In The DIA Community Vol. 10 – DIA Community News

Written by Roger Peverelli, Reggy de Feniks und Walter Capellmann on Feb 24, 2020

Understanding your customers is a key criterium to providing customer-centric innovation. To extend home insurance to more people, Swiss Re’s iptiQ and IKEA created and launched HEMSÄKER, an affordable and easily accessible home insurance. iptiQ enables IKEA to provide innovative services for their customers by rolling out insurance offerings by using the iptiQ platform. 

Customer-centric innovation can also be pushed by leveraging new technologies to collect all sorts of behavioural data. This is a key trend among the companies in our growing DIA Community. Octo Telematics launched a solution to detect when a child is left unattended in a car. Vayyar, who presented at last year’s DIA Amsterdam, offers a health and safety solution to protect thousands of seniors every day. Their intelligent sensors turn any room into a smart room. Another approach is taken by The Floow, whose telematics insurance proposition allows ERGO to appeal to a new customer base: young drivers.

Interested to find out more about the recent developments and successes within the companies that spoke on our DIA stage? Keep on reading to find out what else is currently going on in the DIA Community!

Swiss Re’s iptiQ and IKEA partner to launch affordable and easily accessible home insurance
iptiQ, the initiative of DIA partner Swiss Re, and IKEA announced the launch of HEMSÄKER, a home insurance offering which provides easily accessible protection at an affordable price. HEMSÄKER, which can be purchased online via the IKEA website in a matter of minutes, was created to extend home insurance to more people and in turn increase their financial resilience. Created by iptiQ and IKEA, HEMSÄKER is initially introduced in Switzerland and Singapore.

Find out more about this partnership here

Octo Telematics and TIM launch TIM BabyPad, a device to detect when a child is left in a car seat

TIM and OCTO Telematics have signed a partnership agreement to develop data-driven solutions for vehicles not yet connected to the mobile network. The aim is to gradually extend the potential offered by digital services to all vehicles on the road, from public transport to company cars. The first step of this important partnership is TIM BabyPad, a Bluetooth-enabled device to detect whether the child is in their car seat and make sure they are not left unattended.

Read more about this here

Vayyar Imaging, the global leader in 4D imaging technology, announced Vayyar HOME
Vayyar HOME expands upon Walabot HOME’s award-winning fall detection product, to offer a holistic, health and safety solution. “Our fall detection product is protecting thousands of seniors every day, but that’s only the beginning,” said Ofer Familier, General Manager of Vayyar HOME. “Now, we can turn any room into a smart room, caring for people inside out. Vayyar HOME is like living with a doctor and a security guard rolled into one.”

Read more about Vayyar HOME here

Forbes Africa: PharmAccess Nigeria makes it on list of top brands
According to the publication, the ranking combines assessments from 910 organizations operating in Nigeria over the last 13 years. The criteria include participation and recognition in national and international investments in CSR/ Sustainability during the period under review. There was a focus on the organization’s work in realizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the number of stakeholders impacted, as well as a close look at PharmAccess’s sustainability efforts and impacts.

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NOVUM-RGI and Die Bayerische succeed in first transformation step together
Die Bayerische, member of DIA partner InsurTech Hub Munich, takes first transformation steps by implementing NOVUM-RGI system, for the first supplementary health insurance line. As a result of their joint project Elementar, Die Bayerische and NOVUM-RGI are implementing the new system which not only runs very smoothly, but is also carried out within time and budget. This lays the foundation for the integration of the next lines of business.

More information about this step can be read here

McKinsey research: ecosystems in insurance are the next frontier for enhancing productivity
Recent research by DIA knowledge partner McKinsey found the insurance industry has struggled for years to achieve productivity gains at scale, particularly compared with other industries. In addition, the spread in operating costs between the highest and lowest performers in both P&C and life has substantially increased over the past decade. While four categories of levers—functional excellence, structural simplification, busi­ness transformation, and enterprise agility—can support productivity efforts, insurers typically focus on the first two. And indeed, those levers form the foundation of efficient and effective operations, so they can hardly be leapfrogged.

You can read all about it here

EIS Group ranked among “Best-in-Class” overall in U.S. P&C Core Systems Evaluation
The report explores some of the key trends within the core systems market for P&C carriers and discusses the ways that technology is evolving to address new market needs and challenges. “With EIS Group’s concentration on digitizing core processes, customer experience, and innovation, we are helping insurers of all kinds to step outside the constraints of legacy systems, processes, and thinking,” said Tony Grosso, Global Head of Marketing, EIS Group.

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TietoEVRY and Microsoft announce strategic partnership in public cloud services
TietoEVRY and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership to enable Nordic enterprises and public sector organizations leverage public cloud in their digital transformation.  Together the companies bring world leading expertise to help their customers to capture the benefits of both public and private cloud services. A development program for certifying 3,000 Microsoft Azure professionals at TietoEVRY, contributes to creating the largest Azure community in the Nordic region.

You can read all about it here

The Floow’s FloowDrive Solution powers ERGO’s new telematics insurance platform ‘Safe Drive’

With Safe Drive, ERGO has developed a proposition aimed at young drivers (under the age of 25). Safe Drive collects journey data across a number of areas including speed, smooth driving and mobile distraction to gain insights into the driving behaviour of their customers. ERGO chose FloowDrive due to its flexibility to be easily customised to meet their specific language requirements.

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InsurTech Hub Munich announces the startups joining the 2020 batch of the ITHM Innovation Programme
Different to prior ITHM accelerators, the three-months long Innovation Programme gives participating founders and their counterparts – insurance experts, investors, experienced entrepreneurs and cross-industry professionals– more time to dive deep into best practice entrepreneurial frameworks and accelerating the road to product/market fit.

Check out the joining startups of the ITHM Innovation Programme here

Adacta Fintech and IKOR partner up to accelerate digital transformation in insurance
With technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of insurance, the two companies recognise the need for modern digital insurance platforms that can support German clients in modernising their IT infrastructure and digitising their processes. Bringing together process and IT consulting expertise, technology and implementation resources, the Adacta-IKOR partnership shares the same vision: to change the insurance landscape with technology.

Find out more about this partnership here

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