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What’s Happening In The DIA Community Vol. 12 – DIA Community News

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 18, 2020

As we love to see new and creative initiatives emerge amongst The DIA Community, we of course won’t keep these innovative insurtech solutions to ourselves.

Are you interested in finding out what some of the companies in The DIA Community have been up to? Then keep on scrolling down to get inspired!

InsurChat – Get to know the brightest minds in insurtech!
Have you ever watched opinion leaders from the insurtech and insurance space being surprised by all sorts of unexpected questions? No right? That’s why we introduced InsurChat, a fun and entertaining series in which we introduce the persons and personalities behind the well-known companies, in a snappy 10 minute Talk Show.

Click here to watch the episode with Robin Kiera, Linda Sallai and Mariëlle van Jaarsveld

AIA and ZA Tech form regional digital technology partnership
Curious about the new exciting partnership between ZA Tech and AIA? The partnership brings a powerful and proven digital technology platform that will allow AIA to seamlessly connect to new and existing digital partners in all of AIA’s markets, excluding Mainland China. ZA Tech’s Graphene System will help AIA integrate with its digital partners to instantly issue coverage for individual customer segments based on their lifestyle activities.

Find out more about the partnership between ZA Tech and AIA here

dacadoo’s Wheel of Life™ – Next generation in health engagement
Did you know that 40% of your overall health can be influenced by your lifestyle and behavioral factors? Therefore, the importance of improving or maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become paramount, now more than ever during the covid pandemic. dacadoo’s Wheel of Life™ is the way the go. The Wheel of Life ™ is the most engaging lifestyle navigator to date, with a completely new user engagement around healthy living. It is encompassing seven different dedicated areas to track a user’s holistic health and it includes personalized goals.

Request your complimentary Wheel of Life™ demo here

FintechFlow’s podcast with Roger Peverelli on The Four Key Post Covid Trends
Want to relax while watching an interesting show on fintech shaped in the fun format of a podcast? Check out the episode in which Linda Sallai from FintechFlow interviews Roger Peverelli, Co-Founder The DIA Community, on the impact of covid on the insurance landscape.

Click here to check out the podcast

Start creating impact with Alterna CX’s Florence
Want to spend less time on operations and focus more on creating impact? The latest version of Alterna CX, Florence, can help you with exactly that. With Florence, Alterna CX announced exciting analytics features such as Emotion Modeling, which enables Enterprises to predict customer emotions at the moment of feedback across different journeys and transactions. Also, Florence enables customers to predict the effects of specific topics in text analytics with their CX Impact Prediction. Finally, Florence features an entirely new UI.

Read more about how Alterna CX is creating impact here

TrueMotion on driving behavior during Thanksgiving
Did you drive this year for Thanksgiving? Many people didn’t. In fact, driving was down over 16% this Thanksgiving. But, when the roads open up, bad driving behaviors seem to come out to play. Distracted driving – texting and app use – increased nearly 13% on Thanksgiving, from 5.5% to 6.2%. However, these dangerous driving conditions aren’t isolated to thanksgiving. TrueMotion saw the same effects back in March with the start of the lockdowns. Therefore, TrueMotion links fewer people on the roads to drivers going faster and being more distracted.

For more details click here

Increase efficiency while improving system protection with twingz‘ smartRCM
Did you know that your system protection can be increased without a reduction in terms of productivity? With the smartRCM product family developed by Doepke Schaltgeräte GmbH and twingz in cooperation, economic goals and preventive maintenance are supported at the same time. smartRCM is predictive analytics & industrial IoT service that permanently monitors industrial assets to ensure potentials for increasing efficiency and preventing electrical fires using monitoring, and to receive alerts before safety shutdowns occur if leakage currents or other electrical variables become alarmingly high.

Continue reading here

Exclusive discount on Modern Insurance Magazine’s yearly subscription
Our valued media partner Modern Insurance Magazine kindly provides DIA Community members an exclusive 20% discount, please use the code DIA20RF, off a year’s subscription on their magazine. Last issue includes an interview with Reggy de Feniks, Co-Founder The DIA Community, to discuss the four key post covid trends insurers should tap into.

Take a look over here

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