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What’s Happening In The DIA Community Vol. 13

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Feb 16, 2021

The new year always calls for fresh and new ideas, which made us curious to look at the some of the new projects happening within our DIA Community. Especially after leaving the turbulent year of 2020 behind, companies seem excited to look to the future again.

Do you want to know how the companies in The DIA Community kicked off 2021? Then quickly scroll down and read all about new product introductions, partnerships, reports, interviews and much more!

Peregrine Technologies raises seed round to bring traffic video analytics software to fleet vehicles around the world

Peregrine Technologies GmbH, one of our DIAmond Award Winners in 2019, closed its seed investment round. Led by Vektor Partners and Brandenburg Kapital, the investment enables Peregrine to focus on its growth and continue the development of its technology and products. Co-Founder an CEO Steffen Heinrich: “Our vision is to build a safer and more sustainable mobility ecosystem for all using video analytics. Now, we can expand the reach of our smart camera network and bring visual high-risk assessment to fleet operators around the world to make traffic safer and logistics operations more efficient.”

Find out more about Peregrine Technologies here

Tractable announces partnership with The Hartford to accelerate claims processing with AI
The Hartford and Tractable, both presenters at DIA Prime Time last December, have partnered to accelerate accident recovery. The Hartford is using an AI solution to analyse auto damage within its auto insurance claims operations in the US, accelerating how quickly claims can be processed for its customers. The AI solution is created by technology company Tractable, who uses computer vision to assess photos of car damage: the AI understands vehicle damage like an expert human appraiser and returns an appraisal as soon as the user submits photos.

Read more about the partnership here

Why you need to build relation and brand as an insurance professional – asked Gary Vaynerchuck to share his thoughts.
5-time best-selling New York Times Author, early investor in Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Tumbler apps, influencer and role model Gary Vaynerchuck was invited as the first guest of’s Insurance and Finance LIVE – a series of live shows in the industry hosted by Dr. Robin Kiera that features movers from around the world.
Gary is not an insurance expert, but he is one of our era’s sharpest minds in understanding customers. His encounters with insurance are mainly through relationships, and by now, he underlined, this could mean digital relationships for most of us. Insurance and finance are struggling to identify trends and to act on them. As someone who built an empire on this, Gary shares his advice and revealed some of his best tips for personal branding in the insurance industry.

Click here to re-watch Dr. Robin Kiera’s show

Revolut draws on Wakam and Qover to integrate unprecedented insurance cover in its European cards

Providing customers with one app, which includes a range of features and smart tools, that they can use to manage their money, is at the basis of the new partnership between Revolut, Wakam, last edition’s DIAmond Award Winner, and Qover. Revolut has called on Wakam and Qover to offer a new insurance package to cover its customers with Revolut Metal, Premium, and Plus plans against damage, theft of their purchases, disputes with sellers, and show cancellations due to unforeseeable circumstances (including Covid-19). Launching this embedded insurance across 33 countries is an additional step forward for the financial super app.

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TrueMotion launches the industry’s first smartphone telematics-powered claims accelerator with Guidewire
TrueMotion’s Ready for Guidewire accelerator puts adjusters at the scene of the crash with telematics data. With the TrueMotion Guidewire integration, adjusters can see pre-filled telematics and crash data like location, time, speed of impact, and weather. This data helps adjusters easily verify the details of a crash with the insured at FNOL. It expedites the FNOL, enhances investigations, and improves the customer experience. Overall, insurers save money and customers save time.

Read all about it here

GROHE launches digital experience hub GROHE X
On March 16th, LIXIL EMENA will launch a digital platform to experience GROHE brand insights and product news first-hand. In this customer-centric program, visitors can engage online with GROHE brand experts to receive dedicated support thanks to informative and inspirational multimedia content tailored to the needs of its professional business partners and consumers. “GROHE X is a result of our disruptive way of thinking. We embraced the new normal and understood challenges as new opportunities,” is how Jonas Brennwald, Leader LIXIL EMENA and Co-CEO Grohe AG explains the central role that GROHE X plays for the global brand.

Find out more about GROHE X here

Swiss Re and Diameter Health join forces for breakthrough in digital health data
Swiss Re, and Diameter Health, a leader in health data interoperability, enter a partnership to transform complex clinical electronic health data into organised, usable information. This will accelerate Swiss Re’s efforts to help life insurers improve the speed and quality of their underwriting – thereby providing end-consumers with a better experience.

Get into the details by clicking here

F-Secure’s connected home security solution brought to Vietnam by FPT Telecom

F-Secure and internet service provider FPT Telecom have launched F-Secure SENSE, the award-winning connected home security solution for service providers. A recent F-Secure survey found that 84% of consumers believe protection of all the internet connected devices in their homes was important or very important. The same survey found that 72% were willing to pay for that protection. This logically follows to the offer of SENSE to bring home security to over 2.5 million consumers in Vietnam.

Read more about it here

CyberCube warns in new report: deep fake losses could be major
In its new report, Social Engineering: Blurring reality and fake, CyberCube says the ability to create realistic audio and video fakes using AI and machine learning has grown steadily. In addition, recent technological advances and the increased dependence of businesses on video-based communication have accelerated developments. Because of the increasing number of video and audio samples of business people now accessible online – in part due to the pandemic – cyber criminals have a large supply of data from which to build photo-realistic simulations of individuals, which can then be used to influence and manipulate people.

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Tyto Care introduces pulse oximeter to remotely monitor blood oxygen and heart rate
Tyto Care announces the release of its U.S. FDA-cleared fingertip Pulse Oximeter (SpO2). This device enables TytoCare users to check their blood oxygen saturation levels and heart rate, which are both crucial for monitoring chronic conditions as well as COVID-19. “The pandemic will eventually be behind us,” says Dedi Gilad, CEO and Co-Founder of Tyto Care, “yet telehealth will remain a key component in the future of healthcare, providing patients with the best possible remote care and clinicians with actionable insights into their patients’ health.”

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