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Withings: Leading of the connected health revolution by encouraging activity

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 14, 2016

Withings leads the connected-health revolution by inventing beautiful, smart products and services that help people become happier and healthier. Founded in 2009, Withings is creating enjoyable, empowering experiences that easily fit into our daily lives. The company has built a range of award-winning products that synchronize with Apple or Android across the health spectrum including activity trackers (Withings Pulse and Activité), the Wifi scale and health station (Smart Body Analyzer), the Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, the security camera with air quality sensors (Withings Home) and an advanced sleep system (Withings Aura). Every piece of collected data comes to life in the Withings ecosystem where users can find coaching, motivation and insights to shape key aspects of their health. To provide evidence that patient engagement leads to better health outcomes the Withings Health Institute’s work closely with hospitals, universities and research institutions and promote scientific studies that use smart devices. Withings’ key markets include the USA, France, Germany and Asia-Oceania. The products are distributed in consumer electronic shops and major retailers such as FNAC, Apple Stores and Best Buy.

Shockingly easy to use
The smart products and apps fit into any lifestyle and let the user track what matters. Generated data creates awareness and motivation through simple objectives. They reward small achievable efforts repeated day after day. So the user can improve his everyday well-being and aim for a better long term health. The Withings ecosystem empowers users to shape every aspect of their health and achieve a balanced lifestyle. Withings is Tech that’s genuinely useful and fashionable at the same time and shockingly easy to use.

Why we selected Withings for DIA Barcelona
Connected health represents a revolution for patient autonomy. It guides users into the new era of preventive, predictive, and personalized medicine, a promise that has long been overdue. Real-life data can be collected and shared easily at unprecedented scales. The consumerization of healthcare also decreases the cost of early detection and remote monitoring. Withings enables a healthier lifestyle through products that encourage activity and look plain beautiful.

Who is Withings
Withings is located in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France and founded by executives from the technology and telecom industry: Eric Carreel (President) and Cédric Hutchings (CEO). In July 2013 Withings received 30 million USD investment from Bpifrance, Idinvest Partners, 360 CapitalPartners, and Ventech. Withingers are not superheroes. Only a few run marathons. Withingers are ordinary people who want to take care of themselves and continue eating their favorite food. Cédric Hutchings has an engineering degree from Ecole Centrale and a Masters from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He started working as a product manager at Inventel, overseeing the launch of residential wireless gateways. He then joined Thompson as Marketing Director for Domestic Products. Eric Carreel is an engineer from the Industrial Physics & Chemistry Grande Ecole in Paris (ESPCI) and has a PhD in Engineering from the University of Paris VI. He began his career in institutional research in the field of radio. He then co-founded Inventel and remained its President from 2002 to 2005, being recognized as a major architect of Triple Play in Europe. After Thomson bought the company he joined them as Technical Director for Domestic Products before co-founding Withings in 2008. “Health is no longer something you begin to think about the day you are sick” Cédric Hutchings, CEO and Co-founder Withings. 


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