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WUA: Win the battle for market share with the leading customer experience

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 1, 2022

WUA is a consultancy agency that offers a CX Benchmark Platform that shows a benchmark perspective on digital customer experience (CX) and specifically on digital sales and service journeys. WUA’s global CX Benchmark is aimed at providing insurers in-depth insights into how to increase their market share by structurally listening to customers and optimizing their sales and service journeys.

WUA performs a Digital Customer Experience Benchmark study in 20+ countries including Greece, Germany, and The Netherlands to determine which insurer has the best online sales journey. Since it is one thing to get someone to your website, but it is even more challenging to convert him or her into a client, WUA looks at the whole experience.

How it works

WUA’s Digital Sales Benchmarks provide insurers with in-depth insights into the findability, consumer friendliness and overall experience of an insurance buying journey. This benchmark results in an overview of CX strengths and weaknesses of an insurer’s website compared with their competition.  

Insurer’s C-levels use WUA’s Digital Sales Score and CX Score to steer the organization strategically, while marketeers, CRO specialists and UX researchers use the identified priorities to increase conversion. WUA gives advice and priorities considering the full online customer journey, which includes all insurance websites that consumers visit during their orientation and purchasing process. This includes findability, first impression, preference and the actual buying process. Elements that are included in the WUA research include the look and feel, the brand, and the offer.

Insurance companies tend to look at their own online funnels to increase conversion. With their research and platform WUA provides the means to strategically broaden the scope towards comparing an insurer’s own performance with their competitors. These insights can help insurers to make an impact on potential customers by providing the best online customer experience during the acquisition and buying process.

WUA has worked for insurers like Allianz, Verivox, Onlia, ANWB, Centraal Beheer, Interamerican and Achmea Greece. 

Why did we invite WUA to DIA Amsterdam 2022?

Online insurance sales is here to stay. Expectations as to what the journey should look like become bigger every year, as people are used to buying online in all industries. Standing out among the competition, getting traffic to your website and converting these prospects to buyers is not easy. This is where in-depth benchmarking insights are needed, and WUA can help.

At DIA Amsterdam, WUA will present their Digital Experience Platform (incorporated in Microsoft PowerBI).  Koen van Lunteren, Digital Research Consultant, will explain how the WUA Digital Experience Platform gives detailed and accessible insights to boost market share.  Koen will give examples of benchmarks done on how you can you this to compare the customer experience of your online acquisition journeys to that of your competitor.

Who is WUA?

WUA was founded by brothers Klaas and Henk Kroezen in 2008. WUA is a consultancy agency that performs benchmark studies on digital customer experience (CX) with a focus on online insurance sales journeys (e.g. Car, Home, Health, Travel).

WUA performs this yearly benchmark in various countries, including Greece, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands and is expanding its international reach.

Over the past 14 years, WUA has benchmarked 30.000+ websites (including insurers) and has been active in more than 20 countries. As a result, WUA aims to build the biggest digital CX benchmark in the world.

If you don’t know what’s happening on the digital playing field, you don’t participate in the game. That is a huge waste, because as we see in the online insurance market: the winner takes all!

 Klaas Kroezen, CEO of WUA

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