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Xempus: Europe’s leading distribution platform for pension & life insurance policies

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 14, 2021

Pension & Life insurance are an essential way for people to protect themselves and their families against life-changing events. However, statistically, most people save too late and too little for their retirement. They tend to put it off because the majority of life insurance products are long-term, complex products on which people rather not spend too much time on thinking about. German based Xempus’ mission is to simplify buying and managing Pension & Life insurance, using its unique technology, to ensure the best possible provision for each.

Xempus’ SaaS platform enables life insurance carriers, insurance agents, corporates and employees to buy and manage Pension & Life insurance online. Users benefit from straightforward information and customer journeys, transparent and efficient processes, and a single platform to connect all stakeholders.

Xempus realised that if you provide insurance brokers with solid tools to explain policies properly, then people are much more likely to buy the right protection or policies. Insurance brokers sell about 50% more policies after a year on the platform and individuals save a lot more for their retirement. The company has noticed a recent shift in attitudes towards pensions; many first-time users are learning about the benefits of Pension & Life Insurance and appreciate the advantages of a digital platform, such as high transparency, lower costs and better efficiency.

The platform

Xempus offers an independent three-sided SaaS-enabled marketplace (XEMPUS platform) where they connect about 60,000 SME corporates, who need to provide these policies to their employees with about 17,000 agents, who advise on these policies with all the major life insurance carriers in Germany. On its platform there’s something for everyone: brokers can triple their commissions, insurers can sell their products to a wider audience, employees can sign-up for Pension & Life Insurance policies using a fully digital process and employers can manage their employees’ policies hassle-free.

XEMPUS platform creates the potential for self-sustaining growth, as each user group benefits from the presence of the others, a real network in life insurance distribution. The platform complies with all the necessary regulations concerning KYI and is fully compliant with data protection and security regulations.

How it works:

XEMPUS advisor:  The insurance agent configures a new set of policies for a corporate or an individual employee.

XEMPUS manager: A corporate can join the platform easily online. Here he gets the framework agreement set-up by his insurance agent. Afterwards he can invite his employees to join the platform.

myXEMPUS: The employee signs up to the platform and can check out his individual income & retirement online. He can see in a corporate pension plan the difference that additional savings might make. In case of questions, the insurance agent can join the process and explain in an advisory session how tax benefits help boost the savings rate and the income in retirement. The employee can now sign-up his policy easily via click in a fully digital manner.

5 reasons why we think insurers should keep an eye on Xempus:

  • Insurance agents can generate 3x commissions thanks to effective workflow tools
  • Life insurance carriers can sell their products to a wider audience and can communicate much more effectively and cheaply with their customers.
  • SME corporates can manage their employees’ policies in a hassle-free process and explain the valuable benefit to their employees
  • On average policy values, that are being sold through the platform, are twice as high as the market average.
  • Pension & life insurance policies worth more than €12.5bn have been sold through the platform to date

Who is Xempus AG?

Xempus has since day one been committed to making pension & life insurance easy. They are based in Munich, Berlin and Saarbruecken (Germany) with a team over 160 employees. Xempus is a leading platform in Europe for the digital distribution of Pension & Life insurance policies. Their clientele includes 60,000 companies, 17,000 insurance agents and 40 sales organizations and life insurance carriers on the Xempus platform. They are the largest platform of its type in the life insurance space in Germany.

Xempus is a scale up and did a series C funding last year. They have 5 billion euros policy value created over the last 12 months, and raised $70 million of funding in total so far. They are open to partner up with insurers to help them digitize their business and bundle respective strengths.

„Ultimately, we at Xempus help people to easily understand today what is necessary to enjoy a financially secure future. We simplify tomorrow.”

Tobias Wann, CEO of Xempus

For further information about Xempus, watch their video special on DIA TV, visit their website or contact Malte Dummel, COO and CFO of Xempus here.

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