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XUND – translating data to improve healthcare

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Sep 5, 2022

Health insurance and health systems have gotten more attention than ever due to the pandemic. In addition, technology allows people to track their behaviour and lead a healthier life. Insurance companies can profit from cost savings by avoiding unnecessary physician visits and navigating more effectively to the right point of care, i.e., the right patient, at the right time, in the right place.

XUND is a heathtech company that enables healthcare companies to digitize the patient journey and translate data into real-world evidence. It is the first digital point of contact for health issues, helping patients to better understand their symptoms, get reliable assessments, and take the right next steps. The technology is available 24/7 and offers an automated solution that is certified as a Class IIa medical device under MDR and meets all quality and safety requirements. Its technology is used by leading insurance, pharmaceutical & big tech companies in a licensing model, including Wiener Städtische in Austria and Generali in Germany.

Patient-generated health data (PGHD), enable complete data capture that starts at the very beginning of the patient journey, long before a diagnosis is made. These PGHD are essential for the future development of a digital ecosystem and the enhancement of the existing insurance offering.

How does it work?

XUND’s core product is an AI-powered medical API that provides symptom and risk assessment to give patients a reliable initial assessment and guide them to the best point of care. Although it is possible to deliver a ready-to-use app, XUND’s preferred way of working is to give its partners an API so they can develop their own unique front-end based on it. XUND’s API can be implemented on the web or in a native app, depending on the digital channels available at the insurer or healthcare partner. Through the API, insurers can provide their users with relevant medical information, give them an initial indication of the cause of their symptoms, and direct them to the best treatment center within their ecosystem – this can be a doctor, but also an online solution such as telemedicine, health-related app solutions, or an online pharmacy, for example.

XUND’s Medical Engine is based on proven algorithms that combine symptoms, personal risk factors and demographic data of the patient to identify statistically and medically relevant causes. Its Medical Database is based on technology to unlock the knowledge from millions of medical publications to create an AI-driven database for precise medical decision-making. The Solutions Engine includes medical content, recommendations, treatment options and navigation to find the right point of care in the healthcare system.

Why did we select XUND to present at DIA Munich 2022?

Healthcare systems across the globe are facing growing pressure, which means the time of doctors and nurses needs to be spent more efficiently. This is where XUND comes into play. Its API enables healthcare companies to build digital patient interactions, like symptom checks, or risk assessments. Integrations of the API with partners and data analytics based on usage of the app.

XUND’s tech advantage stems from an AI-powered analysis of over 2 million medical articles. This approach enabled the company to build a market-leading Class II medical device that outperforms comparable solutions in terms of accuracy and product quality.

At DIA Munich Tamás Petrovics, Co-Founder & CEO of XUND will share the vision of the company and show how the API works.

Who is XUND?

XUND was founded in Vienna in 2018 by Tamás Petrovics, CEO, Lukas Seper, Head of Growth and Zoltán Tarabó, Head of Medical. Apart from its Headquarters in Vienna, the company has offices in Budapest, and soon in London.

Clients are in the DACH region and have been approved for the European market under MDR (Class IIa certification). Key partners include Thieme, Roche, Semmelweis University, Stiftung Gesundheit, TU Wien and MedUni Graz. Investors include a number of family offices.  

We want to make healthcare more accessible to as many people as possible. So instead of establishing our own platform, we decided to stay behind the scenes. With our technology, we want to create the operating system for tomorrow’s healthcare and help insurance companies to digitize the patient journey.

Tamás Petrovics, Co-Founder & CEO of XUND
Amsterdam 12-13 June


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