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Xurux IO: Consortia Blockchains As A Service

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Nov 1, 2018

Dutch startup Xurux is a fully focused Blockchain innovation company. They have an Academy in which they share their knowledge. They advise and build blockchain solutions for customers. And they develop their own product: Consortia Blockchains as a Service. Xurux combines new technologies in order to boost the innovative thinkers and projects for their customers; presenting a fintech-jump-start-kit.

Xurrux provides a new way of innovation by using blockchain as it should be used. The ambitious startup combines blockchain with secure messaging, authentication, personal data management and chat bot. Cost efficient, KYC proof, GDPR proof and a user friendly process guaranteed. Xurux IO makes blockchain accessible to everyone. Based on this open source platform, every organization can quickly experiment with blockchain, secure messaging and chat bots.

Xurux Academy is the educative division. With their experience of Xurux Solutions, they have training programs to suit different levels: strategic, tactical and operational. With general blockchain courses, branch specific blockchain courses, technical blockchain courses and tailored blockchain courses.Xurux works for well-known Dutch companies like Rabobank, Achmea, Kadaster, KLM, Aegon, Schiphol Group, Port of Rotterdam and many more. Xurux Solution works on different projects of varying sizes. They can easily scale up to multiple projects of 35 people.

How it works
Xurux creates a consortia blockchain by plug and play. When a consortia is installed they provide secure messaging and international authentication in order to validate a secure communication process. In that they provide chat bot technology, so the process will be automated as much as possible. When a contract is closed they can share this and transport it, but it also can be stored on the consortia blockchain. All GDPR proof, right to be forgotten feature included.

Blockchain implementation
They apply existing blockchain solutions within new projects. Xurux Solutions is implementation partner of various ready-made solutions. If desired, these solutions can be used within any suitable project and can be fitted without problems. In this way they offer much-needed solutions in an efficient and cost-saving way.

Own projects
With its own projects, Xurux Solutions explores the possibilities of blockchain technology. To innovate you have to learn, try, fall and get up again. By developing applications and applications themselves using this new technology, they generate experiences and insights that they use to guide and support their customers. This shortens the learning curve of Xurux clients.

Why we selected Xurux for DIA Munich
In a rapidly changing world, we are facing the impact of new technologies at a fast pace. New technologies change, disrupt and improve all kinds of business models and processes. Based on their experience with exploratory projects, Xurux can train, provide advice on blockchain technology and facilitate projects during pilots and implementations.

At DIA Munich Justin Schlee, the tech guy, and Peter Mols Co-founder will present the Xurux fintech-jump-start-kit. Secure messaging, chatbot, authentication, GDPR proof, and contracts that are sealed in the Dutch Notary Blockchain. The largest permissioned blockchain of the world.  For any type of organization, they can build consortia blockchain and support all kinds of business processes with all the new technologies available.

Who is Xurux?
Xurux is founded in 2016 by 6 founders. A diverse team with a broad range of skills and experience. From Enterprise architecture, Software development, Scrum/Agile, Marketing Consultancy to Web development. No external capital. Fully focused on Blockchain. Based in the Netherlands but driven by a global ambition.

Nothing in the world is as well organized as nature itself. Built according to fixed patterns and mathematical formulae, every living creature is an essential part of the earth. The golden ratio is a deeply thought-out mathematical formula on which all life on earth is based. The same reliability can be found in blockchain technology, which makes the golden ratio of Fibonacci a wonderful metaphor for reliability, development and evolution.

“We make blockchain understandable and accessible” Peter Mols CO-Founder Xurux

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