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Youse: Bringing innovation to the Brazilian insurance market

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jun 16, 2017

Youse, a Brazilian startup, which launched in 2015, offers an online platform to sell home, auto and life insurance by Caixa Seguradora, a subsidiary of CNP Assurances. Due to the way it operates, Youse brings innovation to the traditional insurance market. As an 100% native digital company, Youse offers personalized insurance policies in a matter of minutes through website or mobile, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are over 1,000 possible combinations of services during the insurance purchase process. Another new possibility brought to Brazil by Youse is the purchase of insurance without the need to consult an insurance broker during the process, making the service faster and eliminating steps.

Youse was born as an innovative, 100% online Brand that simplifies insurance and creates much closer relationship in a simple, personalized way, without the blah blah blah. At Youse they believe in a new type of insurance; with the face and the personality of their customers. Youse wants to empower people to be more daring. Their slogan is: “life is an adventure. And it may be even better if you explore the world by feeling confident and owning the story itself.” At Youse the customer has total autonomy and security to choose what he wants in his insurance, personalizing and setting up the services in his way and paying only for what he wants and needs. Simple to use and immediately available.

A personalized service such as Youse could not have a Brand that was “more of the same.” At Youse they created a unique and multifold Brand, that is capable of transforming into different “types”: the fun type, the connected type, the daring type, the “you” type. Youse embraces, relates to and gets involved in the needs and the personality of each person. Insurance that is always within people’s reach, not just when there’s a problem.

Contributing to a more daring, enterprising and collaborative world
The experience that companies such as Youse bring to the country is part of a global movement driven by innovation in the insurance sector. Besides making customers safe to enjoy their car, their home and their life, Youse contributes to a more daring, enterprising and collaborative world. How? With their customers. Every insurance policy that they sell, R $ 1.00 goes directly to a fund to support social projects and entrepreneurship in Brazil. If $ 1 seems like little, imagine millions collaborating.
By doing so they emphasize their role as a social good, and not a ‘necessary evil’.

Why we selected Youse for DIA Amsterdam
The insurance market in Brazil is complex and very unfriendly. Youse was born to break through this wall and to be daring in creating, thinking about and purchasing insurance. Youse exists to give power to people so they can do things their way. Empowering people because life is worth living out of our comfort zone while contributing to a more collaborative world.

Who are Youse?
Youse was created by Grupo Caixa Seguradora as a digital venture within a big company. The CNP Assurances Group has been operating in Brazil since 2001 through Caixa Seguradora, a subsidiary owned jointly with Caixa Econômica Federal, the country’s second largest state-owned bank and CNP Assurances’s local distribution partner. With over 9 million policyholders, Caixa Seguradora is Brazil’s fifth largest insurance company. Caixa Seguradora employs more than 850 people in Brazil.

Youse is led by Eldes Mattiuzzo, CEO.

Eldes Mattiuzzo, CEO Youse


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