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YuviTal Health: revolutionizing policyholder health and wellness for insurance companies globally

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jul 25, 2023

Prevention in health care is becoming more and more important for health insurers. Not only to protect their policyholders, but prevention also results in significant savings.

YuviTal’s mission is to help individuals live healthier lives, by empowering health organizations, corporations, and enterprises to incentivize and reward their members for making healthier choices. Its solution YuviTal Health is not just a rewards program but transforms lives and health outcomes one person at a time.

YuviTal Health’s technology leverages machine learning algorithms to generate actionable insights that improve the health and wellness of policyholders. Its holistic approach to healthcare management seamlessly integrates all its technologies, while its data collection capabilities enable it to offer objective and subjective parameter insights to health insurers.

The platform offers a data-driven approach to health and wellness that is tailored to each individual. The algorithms analyse a range of data points, lifestyle factors, history, and many others, to calculate an individual’s health risk. By providing a more accurate and comprehensive view of an individual’s health risk, YuviTal Health prevents future health defects, reduces healthcare costs and hospital visits, boosts profitability and maximizes savings.

How it works

To enhance policyholders’ health and fitness, YuviTal has developed several helpful elements. Some examples:

  1. Its motion detection feature makes use of the user’s camera through virtual reality technology to deliver information about their exercise movements, form, and technique and then gives guidance for improvement.
  1. The smart water bottle tells you how much water you have drunk and how much you still need to drink.
  1. The mental health feature screens users to assess risk and offers therapy or counselling to those who need it.
  1. YuviTal provides mindfulness elements and sleep tracking with fraud prevention to ensure insurers’ policyholders are living their best lives without finding the easy way out

All these features are applications in their own right, but  YuviTal has combined them all together in one large well-being algorithm, ensuring all policyholders have a personalized programme to improve their health, which can be tracked objectively. With privacy as its top priority, YuviTal protects personal information at all costs.

Why did we select YuviTal for ITC DIA Europe?

Alon Silberberg, Founder & CEO of YuviTal, presented its demo at ITC DIA Europe 2023 in Barcelona. YuviTal Health has received several awards and accreditations: they were named Insurtech Israel Winner for innovation for two consecutive years and were included in Insurtech Israel’s Top 50 most admired companies. They are trusted by Clalit Health, the world’s second-largest HMO, and Sheba Medical, ranked the 10th best hospital in the world.

Who is YuviTal Health?

YuviTal Health aims to drive health and wellness transformation for insurance companies worldwide one day, one person and one step at a time. YuviTal was founded in 2017 in Israel by CEO Alon Silberberg, Yaron Levi, and Lior Klibansky.

“We’re more than a rewards program. We’re a company that changes lives—one person, one step at a time.”

Alon Silberberg, Founder & CEO of YuviTal
Amsterdam 12-13 June


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