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Zelros: Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Augmented Insurers

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 4, 2018

French startup Zelros is the winner of the most innovative startup at the recent Big Data congress in Paris. Their technology helps insurers to better serve their clients, with the support of Artificial Intelligence. Their solution empowers insurance employees to make better decisions, based on intelligent recommendations and predictive scores. It is used typically on sales and claim management processes. It connects securely to any insurer data, and leverages machine learning and natural language processing. With Zelros, insurers become augmented by AI. On average, the obtained productivity gain is 40%, and some tasks can be reduced to 1/12 of the time.

The ambitious startup has been selected by Microsoft for its Parisian AI Factory, and partners with the tech giant for its tech and business development in the insurance industry. They currently have pilots and production deployments on 6 insurance companies in France.

Zelros was founded with the vision that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are profoundly changing the world. Algorithmic business will become the biggest competitive differentiator between companies in the next three to five years. To embrace this revolution, organizations must reinvent how they are running their business. They need new breeds of software’s, new talents and new approaches to define problems and to solve them. Zelros wants to help their customers succeed in this journey.

The startup laid the cornerstone of what an ethical Artificial Intelligence might look like. That is to say:

  • Transparent: the AI gives recommendations, but explaining its choices to the user
  • Secured: it is respectful of the confidentiality of the conversations, which do not escape outside the company
  • Benevolent: the AI personality is configured for the easiest possible adoption

How it works
Zelros turns legacy enterprise data – e.g. spreadsheets, data warehouses or documents – into transparent and interactive messenger conversations. Offering pro-active algorithmically optimized processes, based on machine learning.

“The best way to get an answer is to ask”

With Zelros, augmented employees can now access to decision making data faster, in natural language. Many of their client’s waste time, drowned in the flow of information, despite the plethora of data analysis tools available to them. They find it increasingly difficult to get fast, straightforward answers to even simple questions like how many sales did I make yesterday? It is time to rethink the way employees access key information, taking their place. Conversational assistance, that’s expressing your demand in natural language and getting the answer instantly is a powerful way to achieve it. It allows to easily connect those who ask the questions (to those who have the answers (experts, data analyst, data scientist).

Conversational AI is probably the last mile that was missing to link strategic business data to all the employees.




Why we selected Zelros for DIA Amsterdam
Zelros developed the first AI solution specifically designed for insurance employees to better manage contracts and claims with the help of Machine Learning recommendations.

At DIA Amsterdam Zelros will showcase their augmented employee solution for insurers
Making insurers revolutionize the way they operate their business:

Who is Zelros
Founded in 2016 in Paris by Christophe Bourguignat, CEO, Fabien Vauchelles, CTO and
Damien Philippon, COO. All 3 serial entrepreneurs own specific skills to build a strong vertical AI: machine learning, software engineering and business.
They share a deep belief: Artificial Intelligence will become the biggest competitive differentiator between organizations. Now after 18 months of R&D and pilots in different industries like oil & gas and luxury, Zelros decided to accelerate on the most promising application of its augmented employee technology: insurance.

Based in Paris, with a team of 15 engineers, Zelros wants to accelerate in other countries and is under the process of raising a first round of several million euros.

“Insurance is the next big industry to be disrupted by AI in the coming decade. I believe that AI+human is smarter than AI alone or human alone” Christophe Bourguignat, CEO & Co-founder Zelros


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