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Insurtech in the Spotlight

Welcome to Insurtech in the Spotlight!

The past year, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in sense of urgency among insurers for everything digital. Which is great news for insurtechs that really accelerate digital transformation and innovation.

We are therefore thrilled to present to you 6 impressive insurtechs, that are already making waves – and have proven solutions to help insurers take their digital transformation to the next level. Get inspired by these insurtechs in 10-minute shots: watch their DIA TV specials or read more about their solutions in this special series of editorials (linked to each name).

Meet the 6 insurtechs in the spotlight

  • bsurance (Austria): known for their embedded insurance as a service offering, bsurance is now taking embedded insurance into the Life insurance space – giving insurers access to new distribution channels and new customers
  • F-Secure (Finland): offers identity theft prevention solutions to enhance Home & Cyber insurance products, with an all-in-one digital protection solution, enhancing day-to-day engagement with insurance clients.
  • Imburse (Switzerland): created, with HITS, a brand new, off-the-shelf, fully customisable Savings solution that enables insurers to enrich customer interaction, improve customer insight and generate new leads.
  • Jane (Belgium): builds smart living technology to enable a sustainable form of elderly care, while helping insurers to seize the new opportunities the silver economy offers by tapping into new revenue streams.
  • SkenData (Germany): provides software solutions that make building insurance better, easier and faster, by enabling building valuation that is simpler, digital and more efficient
  • Xempus (Germany): makes buying and managing pension & life insurance simple and accessible to everyone, and enables insurers to generate new business, reduce costs and increase customer loyalty.


We want to thank all participating companies for presenting their innovative solutions to the DIA audience. We have counted the votes. Congratulations to Xempus and Imburse for winning the DIAmond Award for most strategic impact!

Insurtechs In The Spotlight

bsurance F-secure Imburse Jane SkenData Xempus AG
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