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“Insurers will compete on their ability to innovate. The winning insurance firms of the future will be those that leverage the most innovative technologies to accelerate their digital strategy.”

Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks, Founders Digital Insurance Agenda

ITC and DIA are Joining Forces to Create the Largest Global Insurtech Hub

Since the inception of Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) back in 2016, co-founders Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks have strived to bring together insurance executives, insurtech leaders and other agents of change to accelerate digital transformation and innovation in the insurance industry with superb quality at the forefront. Having successfully built Europe’s most established insurance innovation and insurtech festival, boasting relaxed atmospheres, awesome venues, and thought-provoking content, the next step was clear: to join forces with the world’s largest insurtech network, InsureTech Connect (ITC). Together, the two powerhouses are creating a brand new hub for the global insurance industry to showcase the latest innovations in Europe, as well as how one can revolutionise supply chains, that will ultimately enrich the lives of policyholders.

ITC is characterised by bringing together key players from across the insurance and insurtech industry. With events set in the vibrant cities of Las Vegas and Singapore, fans of ITC have come to expect an energizing atmosphere where essential connections are made and long-lasting partnerships formed. It is this uniqueness, combined with DIA’s groundbreaking formats, that differentiates this new initiative from any other European insurtech community.

The timing is perfect. Digital transformation is top of the agenda in every board room. Insurance carriers are retooling themselves on an unprecedented scale. With this accelerating growth in mind, ITC DIA Europe offers unparalleled access to the most comprehensive gathering of tech entrepreneurs, investors, and insurance industry incumbents from across Europe and beyond. You can expect annual showcases in Barcelona and Munich, alongside a host of digital services, roadshows, and executive education designed to connect the market across multiple platforms throughout the year.

Of course, we couldn’t pull this off without an amazing team!

Roger Peverelli
Roger Peverelli Leadership
Amy Miller
Amy Miller Leadership
Reggy de Feniks
Reggy de Feniks Leadership
Mariëlle van Jaarsveld
Mariëlle van Jaarsveld Commercial Partnership Opportunities
Connor Vickery
Connor Vickery Commercial Partnership Opportunities
Sarah Beaman
Sarah Beaman Commercial Partnership Opportunities
Eveline van Enk
Eveline van Enk Commercial Partnership Opportunities
Annemarie Roozendaal
Annemarie Roozendaal Digital Strategies
Bertina Bus
Bertina Bus Digital Strategies
Saskia Monnichmann-ooms
Saskia Monnichmann-ooms Special projects
Guus van Lomwel
Guus van Lomwel Finance
Merlin Beyts
Merlin Beyts Content
Nana Agyekum
Nana Agyekum Delegate Sales
Jolijn Schalkwijk
Jolijn Schalkwijk Marketing
Pieter de Weille
Pieter de Weille Marketing
Natasha Fuller
Natasha Fuller Delegate Sales
Boo Hon Huynh
Boo Hon Huynh Marketing
Lindert van Horssen
Lindert van Horssen Marketing
Cameron Binns
Cameron Binns Delegate Sales
Caitlin de Geus
Caitlin de Geus Marketing & Fulfillment
Femke van Bodegom
Femke van Bodegom Marketing