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Are you ready for the customers of the future?

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 28, 2022

With customer expectations reaching new highs, it’s never been so important to ensure that their journeys are optimised with sleek products and seamless operations. So, how are you embedding this into your strategies to win over the next customer?

Hosted by InsurTech Hub Munich (ITHM) NXT:Customer at DIA Munich 2022, several industry leaders gave their perspectives on the next customer and shared success cases ranging from best practice collaboration projects and strategic investments to fully transformed business models.

How can insurers get closer to customers and stay on top of their changing expectations?

Introduction ITHM: This introduction is presented by Esther Eva Prax and Christian Gnam from InsurTech Hub Munich (ITHM). They give answers to the questions: Who are the next customers, what are their needs, and how can they be reached?

WeFox: What is the best way for insurers to approach and engage with the next customer? Wefox’s COO David Stachon took the stage and presented his view on how insurers should approach and engage with future customers. David advocates for better cooperation in the insurance industry to boost access to customers. It should be a market where both established and young companies come together, exchange ideas, and learn from each other.

IAG Firemark Ventures: How to use investment as a strategy to become more customer-centric? Scott Gunther, General Partner at IAG Firemark Ventures took the stage during Insurtech Hub Munich’s (ITHM) NXT:Customer showcase at DIA Munich 2022. Scott told us more about how they are investing to connect to the next customer and why it’s important to bring startups and corporates together. Firemark Ventures is set up specifically to bring the outside world in to Insurance Australia Group (IAG) by investing and partnering with startups to essentially transform how they deliver insurance.

Wakam: How to transform your operations and your business model toward the next customer? Esther Eva Prax from Insurtech Hub Munich (ITHM) interviewed Radoslav Dikov, Country Manager Germany, Benelux & Nordics at Wakam. They talked about the transformation of operations and business models toward the next customer.

Dai-Ichi Life & YuLife: What are new approaches in life insurance to make the customer journey less complex and more engaging? The customer journey in life insurance is often very complex and not very engaging. But there are new approaches and new ways to get more value out of the customer journey and keep customers engaged. Check out Marie Shiobara (Innovation Manager, Japanese life insurance company Dai-ichi Life) and Sam Fromson (Co-Founder & COO, UK-based insurtech YuLife)!

Check out the full playlist of InsurTech Hub Munich (ITHM) NXT:Customer here!

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