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Learn How to Work with Insurtechs for More Top and Bottom Line Impact

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jan 31, 2020

‘How to work with insurtechs to accelerate digital transformation’ is on top of the digital insurance agenda and will be a key theme for DIA Amsterdam.

When we meet with insurance executives to discuss ‘the state of innovation’, quite a few say they worry. They are totally on the same page when it comes to how important insurtechs are to accelerate digital transformation and innovation. But they are humble when we discuss the scale on which these new solutions are being used. Inside their organization, but also with regard to the visibility in the market.In spite of all the investments, and pilots and proof of concepts with insurtechs; the impact on the top line and bottom line is still limited – so they say. Obviously, we really need to tackle this issue. If not, we run the risk of throwing out the baby with the bath water.

Fortunately, we see more and more successful collaborations that do go all the way; beyond pilots. 
To inspire insurance carriers to scale the use of insurtech much broader and faster, we’ve invited quite a few insurtechs on stage to present together with their client insurance company. Together, they shared their experience and revealed the secrets on how to successfully scale insurtech innovations to create a significant impact on the top and bottom line.

We got great feedback – so expect many such joint presentations at DIA Amsterdam.

Below you’ll find links to 8 of these joint presentations. Just click on the links below to see their live demo.

dacadoo, Loylogic with Irish Life (Switzerland, Ireland)
Consumer engagement is a key goal of the health insurance industry. The dacadoo Health Score Platform is one of the most innovative, digital wellbeing solutions on the market. dacadoo showcased MyLife, the solution they built for Irish Life and was launched in Ireland in 2019. They presented together with Irish Life, Ireland’s largest life insurer, and Loylogic, the leading online shop operator who built the loyalty shop for MyLife, fully integrated with the dacadoo point shop. Together they showed the complete user journey from earning points for healthy behaviour and spending them on a tailor-made online shop.

Watch their show&tell video here

Air Doctor with Phoenix insurance (Israel)
With Air Doctor users have control of who to turn to, receiving medical care in their own language and paying less. The start-up changes the way travel and health insurance are processed. Instead of providing a tech solution to reduce insurer’s costs, they re-thought the business concept. Aiming to avoid the need for patients to deal with insurers post-treatment, Air Doctor partnered with Israeli insurer Phoenix to make the process even easier. They showed their product together with a representative from Phoenix.

Watch their show&tell video here

CCS with Victor Deutschland Marsh & McLennan Companies (The Netherlands, Germany)
CCS Marketplace is a cloud-based ecosystem for the insurance industry. It brings together innovative solutions across different categories with customer communities. The open structure allows developers to easily integrate their solution with Marketplace and within their existing IT landscape. CCS demoed Marketplace and introduced the European partnership between CCS and Victor Insurance (part of Marsh & McLennan Companies).

Watch their show&tell video here

Garden with Fidelidade (Germany, Portugal)
Garden is a digital white-label savings and investment platform. It provides innovative life insurance products in a B2B2C business model. They showcased their simple and enjoyable savings app for young, tech savvy customers. It combines a simple and efficient investment product with award winning UX-design. Garden allows traditional life insurance companies to quickly explore new ways to engage with younger customer segments. They presented together with their client Fidelidade who already implemented their solution.

Watch their show&tell video here

VouchForMe with Adriatic Slovenica, Generali Group (Liechtenstein, Slovenia)
Friends and family know one best. They can evaluate the risk much more effective than statistics. By vouching with VouchForMe, friends and family let the insurance company know the user is a trustworthy and low-risk individual. Social proof which uses financial guarantees serves as an alternative underwriting tool, which enables the selection of low risk clients without the excess of data gathering. VouchForMe facilitates the transformation of trust into the value for the insurance companies by putting a price tag on trust. VouchForMe presented together with their live pilot project partner company Adriatic Slovenica d. d., member of Generali Group.

Watch their show&tell video here

Bestfit with Zurich (Gibraltar, Switzerland)
BESTFIT offers a unique combination of client experience that delivers to the companies’ predictive information about consumer decision drivers and preferences.
The engagement can start in any communication channel via an anonymous, personal link, that leads customers to a tailor-made online questionnaire. After completing the questions, customers receive a profile that can be shared online. They presented together with one of their clients, Zurich Insurance, and were a proud winner of the prestigious DIAmond Award!

Watch their show&tell video here


Vlot with RGAX (Switzerland, USA)  
While still keeping the core algorithms in place, vlot has developed an insurer portal, where employee benefits can be defined and stored as base for corporate specific calculations. Insurers and brokers/agents can now deliver services and advisory tools to large affinity groups, using the employer brand as entry point and the vlot technology stack as electrolyte to simplify the risk assessment and create awareness. By using the power of AURA and their partner RGAX’s extensive underwriting and behavioural science expertise and combining it with an API-based interview service, vlot can offer the full customer experience of risk analysis, product suggestion, medical underwriting and policy administration.

Watch their show&tell video here

iHomes NORDIC, LeakBot with Topdanmark (Denmark, UK)
DIAmond Award winner Leakbot is known for their smart water leak detector for the home.
iHomes is renowned for their end-2-end IoT solutions. Together they partnered with Topdanmark, one of the leading insurance carriers in the Nordics. They developed a game changing IoT Programme rolled out to Topdanmark’s customer base.

Watch their show&tell video here

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