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Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jun 8, 2022

The digital shift shows no signs of slowing down. On the contrary, online is becoming the preferred distribution channel in most industries. For the insurance industry this is a great opportunity to do what they never succeeded in: making insurance convenient, relevant and personal. And by that, getting end-customers engaged.

To future-proof their business, insurers board the digital train and increasingly look for ways to embed insurance digitally with the products and services that matter to people – and when they matter. By embedding insurance, insurers get the chance to cut down acquisition costs, grow sales, increase profits and offer value-added insurance products that increase loyalty and retention.

This sounds easier than it is; many insurers and brokers struggle with this due to constraints on internal IT systems, lack of APIs for digital collaboration and not knowing how to best build a customer journey for online sales via partners. This is where’s whitelabel solution Penni Connect is aimed at: helping insurers to sell products online through any distribution channel.

How does it work?’s white-label platform allows insurers to tap into a digital customer journey and embed and sell insurance. Thanks to APIs that easily integrate with existing IT systems and do not require a change of core systems, it results in fast implementation. This means that insurers can start reaching and engaging new customers in a matter of days.

Penni Connect is based and built upon’s knowledge about machine learning and customer behaviour: how customers think, act, and buy online – and ‘real-life’ data on this. The solution includes Penni Connect Studio where insurers have access to data and reports that show barriers in their customer journey, how to boost conversion and how to better support customers in buying and servicing the product.

Embedded insurance allows insurers to get access to their clients in new ways, at a logical moment of the orientation or buying journey of a consumer. Think of car insurance where consumers typically start searching the internet for a new type of car. sees in its own data that one of the best performing embedded insurance conversions are in blog posts where people give personal recommendations.

Why did we invite to DIA Amsterdam 2022?

Embedded insurance is one of the key trends we see at DIA this year, and has a solution that meets the challenges that come with it. When talking to Pennio’s CEO, Jeppe Klausen, about the future of embedded and his company’s role, he shares:

“We’ll see a 2.0 version of the value chain of insurance distribution over the coming years. Technology will be the key driver to ensure that the insurance product will be offered exactly where and when it is relevant to the consumer. We will also see a fight between carriers and brokers and between carriers and MGAs when going after online market share.

We’re convinced that being a technology provider enabling this digital shift is the future. has, as an insurtech, a frontrunner advantage of being born digitally. It gives us the opportunity to gain both momentum and experience in several markets and translate this experience into product offerings.

Online distribution and embedded insurance will boom (even more) due to most private line insurance products becoming commodities. This will drive competition. From my point of view, the carriers who have the strongest history of underwriting and claims handling will invest in technology, most likely through insurtechs, to win the ‘battle’ that they, for now, have lost to brokers/ agents/ MGAs.

We expect to see stronger regulation in the sector and requirements for the big players to open their infrastructure – i.e., open insurance – just like we’ve seen in banking. This paves the way for a lot of new opportunities for insurtechs to offer more clever technology.”

Jeppe Klausen – CEO

Who is was founded in 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Jeppe Klausen. It is the result of Jeppe’s extensive experience in tech and insurance: Since he started with his programming hobby back in 5th grade, he has been climbing up the career ladder. For instance, he has both been driving value through technology in the insurance industry and an entrepreneur for more than 15 years, successfully exiting his last business. In 2017, he got eager to help insurers and brokers become champions in online sales through partnerships. Therefore, he founded and built a digital platform that offers embeddable insurance, onboarding of customers, sales reporting, data insights on end-customers, and conversion optimisation. has had several funding rounds (€7.7M) and works for clients like AXA and Generali. At the moment the company is active in UK, France, Denmark, Sweden and Spain.

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