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Prepare for the Future of Insurance at NTT DATA’s Kick-Off Summit

Written by Jolijn Schalkwijk on Jun 7, 2024

Get ready for the Future of Insurance at the special NTT DATA Kick-Off Summit on June 11 in Amsterdam. As Platinum Sponsor of ITC DIA Europe Amsterdam, NTT DATA will host the Kick-Off Summit, a day before ITC DIA Europe Amsterdam on 12-13 June.

Join a series of inspiring Round Tables with leading industry experts and clients, hosted by NTT DATA, addressing the key challenges facing the insurance industry and sharing insights to prepare for the Future of Insurance.  

NTT DATA’s Kick-Off Summit takes place on Tuesday, June 11, 13:30-16:35h at Our House Experience Amsterdam.
You can register your interest here.
Please note that there is only a limited number of spots available.

Let’s take a look at the inspiring program for the Kick-Off Summit:

Embark on a journey into the Future of Insurance with Celent’s Craig Beattie, senior analyst and industry expert. From harnessing the power of Cloud and Quantum Computing to mastering the art of Data Management and unlocking the potential of AI – Craig will share insights and strategic perspectives to navigate the challenges of the evolving insurance landscape.

How to successfully migrate the insurance business to the Cloud? Gain invaluable insights from firsthand accounts of legacy cloud migration. NTT DATA’s Head of Cloud+IM+Security, Natalia Solé, and Atsushi Uemura, Global Insurance Initiative Lead, will be joined by client Arno De Wever, AWS Insurance Leader EMEA. They’ll take a deep dive into the project lifecycle, uncovering the strategic decisions and operational challenges on the journey to cloud adoption. Arno De Wever will share firsthand experiences from AWS’ journey, lessons learned, and best practices for navigating the complexities of legacy system modernization.

How should organizations prepare for GenAI? Explore the delicate balance between innovation and regulation in data management in this Round Table with Puneet Bhardwaj, Group Chief Data Officer at Zurich Insurance, and Piethein Strengholt, Chief Data Officer at Microsoft Netherlands. This thought-provoking Round Table will examine the challenges facing Chief Data Officers, as they navigate regulatory frameworks while driving innovation through data-driven insights and analytics. 

Expectations for the impact of AI and GenAI on transforming business are on the rise. How does this translate to insurance – and how can insurers best unlock the value of AI and GenAI?  Join this Round Table with NTT DATA’s Adriana Acevedo, Head of BSO, and Juan José Castro, Insurance BPS Director, to explore how these technologies can increase savings and accuracy, reduce risk, and reinforce customer centricity across the insurance value chain. Interact with real cases to monitor the quality of interactions, reduce claims costs, and provide scale to day-to-day operations.

Quantum Computing has the potential to radically transform areas like risk assessment, fraud detection, and more. What is involved and how can insurers best apply this technology?

Join Raoul Heese, Lead Technical Consultant in Quantum Computing at NTT DATA, and Vishal Shete, Managing Director at Terra Quantum UK, for this Round Table on Quantum Computing and its transformative potential for the insurance industry. They’ll uncover how Quantum Computing enables data-driven decisions with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy, propelling companies into a new era of innovation and competitiveness. 

Many companies are dipping their toes into using AI and GenAI – but how to crack the code of applying it at scale?  The swift integration of this new technology is reshaping industries and posing challenges to established norms. Join this Round Table with NTT DATA’s Manuel Torrealba, Head of Insurance Smart Operations & Data-driven Operations, to discuss Gen AI-powered workflow automation, next-level customer service and ways to effectively scale AI in insurance. Learnings will also be shared from InsurTech Hub Munich’s collaborative program, bringing together insurers, best-in-class startups and technology leaders like NTT DATA, to successfully navigate the complex and rapidly evolving AI landscape. 

Embedded Insurance continues to transform the traditional insurance landscape, by seamlessly integrating insurance coverage into people’s everyday transactions. What is next for Embedded Insurance? Where are the growth opportunities and how should insurers prepare? Join this Round Table discussion with José Cañas, Global Head of B2B2C at AXA Partners and Madalina Preda, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Nationale Nederlanden to explore the next wave of Embedded Insurance opportunities and how to best prepare.

Join us for inspiring discussions with experts and peers – and prepare your business for the Future of Insurance!

NTT DATA’s Kick-Off Summit takes place on Tuesday June 11, 13:30-16:35h at Our House Experience AmsterdamAmstelstraat 24-26, 1017 DA, Amsterdam.

Interested in joining the NTT DATA Kick-Off Summit?
You can register your interest here.
Please note that there is only a limited number of spots available.

Can’t make it to the Kick-Off Summit? No worries!
You can also meet NTT DATA at ITC DIA Europe in Amsterdam on June 12-13.
Join their Deep Dive session on June 12, their Round Table on June 13, or meet their industry experts at their stand. They’ll be happy to give you an update on the most important insights and key takeaways from the various sessions.

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