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Stay Up to Date with these Important Insurtech News Sources

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jun 18, 2020

We regularly receive questions about who we now consider to be important sources of information and news in order to keep up to date with the latest developments in the field of insurtech and innovation in insurance.

That’s why we decided to share DIA’s top picks of inspirational insurtech news sources with you. Not the obvious ones like CB Insights etcetera, but some other sources that always provide great input to our thinking. Some you may not have heard of before.
For anyone with an interest in insurtech and innovation in insurance we definitely recommend to check out the websites and social media channels of these global insurtech news providers.
Learn from new insights not only by reading high quality articles but also by watching interviews and listening to podcasts.

We visit for industry thought leadership and market insights. You can find in-depth reports and shorter blog articles on topics that matter to insurance leaders – most often with a focus on digital and analytics innovation. After bookmarking your insurance insights, browse the site for perspectives on marketing & sales, operations, or building new businesses from scratch.  

Assinews (Italy)
Assinews is the independent technical magazine of reference in the Italian insurance sector. Amongst others Tiziana Menegatti makes sure the magazine and online articles of Assinews provide independent and technical insurance information. They highlight the diffusion of the insurance culture through analysing the insurance market.

Asia Insurance Review (Singapore)
Asia Insurance Review was launched to meet the information needs of insurance practitioners in Asia in particular and the rest of the world in general. Under the guidance of Editor-in-Chief Sivam Subramaniam, Asia Insurance Review does not just cover the news within the insurance sector but zooms in on the people and issues of vital importance to the development of the region’s insurance industry.

AMC Finanzmarkt (Germany)
Initiating and completing projects in the areas of marketing, sales and many cross-sections of the financial sector is the core competency of the AMC Network. With well over 140 members Stefan Raake, CEO of AMC, looks at AMC as a meeting place within the industry with regards to specific tasks, solutions to problems and qualified exchanges of ideas. (France)
Through their weekly newsletter, is sharing insights on the European insurtech scene. Think of insurtech startups recently spotted on the market, high quality articles and KPI on start ups’ growth and fundraising rounds. Founding Partner Florian Graillot spotted more than 2,500 start ups in the past 12 months, thanks to the automated scouting technology of which allows to observe high level industry trends with detailed start up-level information.

Celent (UK)
Celent is a deep technology research and advisory firm dedicated to tracking innovation and trends across the financial services sector. Celent provides clarity as they analyse technology-led innovations from across the world and assess their relevance to you. Led by CEO Jamie Macgregor Celent publishes in-depth research and analysis of the latest trends in financial services technology.

Digitalscouting (Germany)
Digitalscouting scouts digital trends in business and technology around the world and brings them in your inbox daily via CEO Dr. Robin Kiera’s ‘Robins Daily Insights’. Robin also offers other ways to stay up to date on finance, insurance, fintech, insurtech and even trends in other industries with their live streaming shows, vlogs, interviews, top influencer lists and podcasts.

FintechFlow (Hungary)
FintechFlow is a show on fintech in the CEE region and beyond that deep dives into the depth and complexity of successful start ups, explores the ways to new capital and draws in the points of views from incumbent. In her podcasts Linda Sallai sits down with bright fintech minds and bridges the gap in mind set between the legacy players and today’s innovators.

InsurTechNews (Italy)
InsurTechNews is breaking news, providing insights and publishing analysis on digital transformation in insurance for insurers, distributors, tech players, investors and all insurance sector stakeholders. Celia Clinciu makes sure the portal displays an always up-to-date section with articles and events that allows readers to constantly follow the sector’s evolution.

Insurance Thought Leadership (USA)
Insurance Thought Leadership (ITL) is a global network of thought leaders and decision makers transforming the insurance and risk management marketplace. Headed by Editor-in-Chief Paul Carroll ITL helps users understand the drivers transforming the industry and connects members in ways that lead to innovation and drive that transformation.

InsurTech Ireland (Ireland)
Insurtech Ireland is a forum that helps busines and technology professionals in the insurance industry to learn about new technologies and to consider how these can be best utilised. In their weekly newsletter they curate content for their community of insurtech founders including the latest episodes of Conor Sweetman’s podcast, InsurTech Radio, along with other nuggets from the insurtech and startup ecosystems.

InsurZine (Italy)
As the first online verticalized Italian newspaper in insurtech, InsurZine is the online magazine specialized in digital transformation in the insurance sector. Director of InsurZine Andrea Turco aims to educate and inform insurance professionals on the issues of insurtech and is missioned to let InsurZine accompany intermediaries on the path of digital change by becoming their reference point.

NewFinance (Germany)
Starting from conception through reaction to range and networking NewFinance is designing successful digital communication for the finance and insurance market. Their blog, amongst others by Lars Nievelstein, features up to date topics on marketing, media, people, tech and future trends. NewFinance is determined to inspire their readers with passion for the industry along with curiosity for creating the latest content.

University of St. Gallen (Switzerland)
The Institute of Insurance Economics of The University of St. Gallen (HSG) is ranked as one of the leading institutes worldwide in insurance and financial services. Led by Alexander Braun the Institute of Insurance Economics produces top-class academic and industry-oriented research in the field of risk management and insurance.

XPRIMM (Romania)
XPRIMM is an information portal specialized in providing news, market analysis and statistical information about and for the insurance markets in the CEE, SEE and CIS regions. Amongst others Adina Tudor makes sure XPRIMM supports the insurance industry’s digitalization process in the area by publishing insurtech related articles and by promoting both digitalization solutions developed in the surveyed regions and solutions available for the local insurers on the global market.

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