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Written by Phill Hirons - ITC DIA Europe on Jan 16, 2023

Let’s face it, there are a lot of podcasts out there, but only so many hours in a week. That’s why we’ve created a collection of our favourite podcasts. Moreover, we also handpicked must-watch episodes per podcast. We’d encourage you to listen to more, but if you could only listen to a few, then we’ve got you covered! On that note (pun intended), let’s begin.

McKinsey on Insurance

As you’d expect from McKinsey, this is a sleek, professional and insightful podcast series, bringing together insurance leaders and thought leaders to help and inspire listeners to reimagine the insurance industry of the future. Most panels/hosts vary from episode to episode, though some familiar faces feature more often, but don’t let the lack of continuity deter you – each panel and host is as strong as the last!

Where to listen: Multiple, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher

If you were to listen to one: Global Perspectives on Insurtechs

Reinventing Finance

The Reinventing Finance Podcast is hosted by Tom van der Lubbe, Co-Founder of Viisi Mortgages and Nikolaus Sühr, CEO and Co-Founder of KASKO. This podcast is an excellent choice if you’re interested in the latest developments in the insurtech, insurance, fintech and finance market. Each episode features new industry leaders, decision-makers and thought leaders in their respective fields.

Where to watch: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube and on DIA TV.

If you were to listen to one: Episode 23: Gilad Shai, Founder of Insurtech LA

InsTech London – Insurance and Innovation with Matthew Grant

InsTech describe themselves as “a hub to explore together ways to maximise the opportunities offered by technology” and in our opinion, they do just that. Their podcast is a great mix of discussions about insurance, innovation, technology and everything in between. All with a diverse, industry leading guest list.

Where to listen: Apple Podcasts, Podbean, Podtail or check out the episodes on their website –

If you were to listen to one: Episode 125: Platforms, data collaboration and market efficiency, featuring guest Arjun Ramdas: CEO, Charles Taylor InsureTech

InsurTech Europe: The EU InsurTech & Investment Show

Hosted by the charismatic co-hosts Dr. Robin Kiera ( and Florian Graillot (, this monthly episode is a quirky and enjoyable take on KPIs, trends and start-ups in the European InsurTech scene. Packed full of use cases and best practices, you’ll always get some brilliant guest appearances, often of founders discussing their recent news and recent funding announcements.

Where to listen: Medium, and YouTube

If you were to listen to one: Season 3, Episode 2 with Tanguy Touffut of Descartes Underwriting

Insurtech Insider by 11:FS

A great, fortnightly all-things-insurtech podcast, hosted by a range of regulars, including Sarah Kocianski, John Bean and Nigel Walsh. What I love about this podcast is that it’s for all-comers – whether you’re just starting out in insurtech, have a passing interest, or are fully invested and immersed in it, this covers all bases in a really conversational and pleasing fashion.

Where to listen: Multiple, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Castro, Overcast and Pocket Casts

If you were to listen to one: Episode 85 “IPOs & Ex-Uber CEO changes gear to car insurance” with special guests, Callum Rimmer (Founder & CEO, ByBits) and Freddy MacNamara (CEO & Founder,

Scouting for Growth

Hosted by the wonderful Sabine VanderLinden – a corporate strategist turned entrepreneur, author, influencer, investor…the list goes on, Scouting for Growth demystifies the world of investment in Insurtech and Fintech, with the aim of sharing techniques for others to grow their businesses and better understand how investors think. 

Where to listen: Multiple, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and GetPodcast

If you were to listen to one: Sam Evans: Insurtech, Sustainability & ESG

InsurTechTalk by InsurTechLA

InsurTech:LA podcast brings you conversations with the people that change the insurance industry and advance it forward with technology. This podcast is hosted by Gilad Shai, Lead Insurance and InsurTech Expert at BMI Capital International and of course the Founder of InsurTech LA. Gilad invites guest speakers from all over the globe.

Where to listen: Apple Podcasts and their website

If you were to listen to one: Episode 88: Bill Harris, CRO of InsureTech Connect

The Leadership in Insurance Podcast (The LIIP)

A personal favourite, in part due to the dedicated and likeable host, Alex Bond. His informative, knowledgeable and relaxed manner is a wonderful compliment to his impressive list of guests. Based on interviews with pioneers of the insurance world, the emphasis is largely on stories of success and discussing what it takes to succeed in today’s changing insurance landscape, whether you’re a carrier, broker, insurtech, investor or anything in-between.

Where to listen: Multiple, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Podm8

If you were to listen to one: Partnerships, Company Values & The Embedded Insurance Model: An Interview with Megan Bingham-Walker, CEO, Anansi Software

Insurtech Leadership Podcast

Time to venture over the pond for the Insurtech Leadership Podcast and its awesome weekly collection of insights from some of the Founders, CEOs and leaders of America’s fastest-growing Insurtechs. Hosted by the CEO of Horton International N.A. – Josh Hollander – each episode typically focuses on the journey of one insurtech and the guest themselves, offering a great account of the interesting journeys many of these guests have taken to the hot seat.

Where to listen: Podbean, GetPodcast, Podcast Guru

If you were to listen to one: Episode 78: Vinod Kachroo, CEO, Innoveo

Digital Insurance Podcast (German Podcast)

The Digital Insurance Podcast is hosted by Jonas Piela and his podcast features guest speakers that are board members of German insurers. They discuss topics related to digital transformation and during the episode, Jonas and his guests will work out challenges, trends and techniques of digital change for the insurance industry.

Note that this podcast is in German.

Where to listen: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify

If you were to listen to one: Digital Mental Health with Markus Homann (Managing Director, Generali Health Solutions) and Christian Gnam (Managing Director, InsurTech Hub Munich)

(Re)thinking Insurance – Willis Towers Watson

A slightly more focused and specific entrant to the list, tending to focus on global trends and issues facing P&C, Life and Composite insurers, but given the array of options, specific is not a bad thing. All the hosts – there are four fantastic regulars (Michael, Carrie, Vittorio and Sina) – have a wonderful knack of exploring the topic whilst keeping things on track, making this an enjoyable and informative listen.

Where to listen: Multiple, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, People Ai and Podchaser

If you were to listen to one: Episode 9: Key evolutions in technology and their impact on insurance with Magdalena Ramada and Duncan Anderson

The Future of Insurance Podcast Series

Another from our friends across the pond, this series, hosted by Majesco’s Chief Strategy Officer, Denise Garth offers a wonderful variety of options, from their industry leaders series to their ecosystem partners catalogue. A fantastic keynote speaker turned podcast host, it’s no wonder this remains one of the highest rated insurance podcasts to date! 

for a conversation with PwC’s Sundeep Thakkar and Scott Busse (both of PwC) on the challenges in leveraging data and the importance of moving to the cloud.

Where to listen: Through the website –

If you were to listen to one: Data and Analytics: A Journey to Opportunity featuring Sundeep Thakkar and Scott Busse

Business of Insurance Podcast

For something a little bit different, look no further than Debbie DeChambeau’s ‘Business of Insurance’ Podcast. Whilst it’s primarily a take on what it’s like to work in the industry, Debbie has a wonderful knack of challenging the listener to think differently about insurance, which is never a bad thing!

Where to listen: Multiple, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Deezer and Stitcher

If you were to listen to one: Episode 66: Why do businesses fail?

The Insurance Podcast

Very much sat in the P&C sector, this podcast really pushes on driving change, innovation and transformation in the insurance space. Hosts, Pete Tessier & Curt Wyatt are great at bringing in a diverse range of global brands from across the value chain (and beyond) and looks beyond the current and towards what impact technology will have on the ecosystem for years to come.

Where to listen: Multiple, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Castro

If you were to listen to one: Instanda: How to build scalable digital transformation with Will Wood

Insurance Covered Podcast

Peter Mansfield’s Insurance Covered, claims to be a short and easy-to-follow format and it’s exactly that! Whether you’ve been in the industry for years or brand new to the world of insurance, this is a great way to get up-to-speed on the trends, the history of the market and the inner workings of insurance. One of our favourite features is the guests – it’s not just the more commonly known carriers of insurtechs, it often brings in some wonderful, albeit slightly peripheral figures, which is a refreshing addition and something a little different.

Where to listen: Multiple, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Acast

If you were to listen to one: 50th episode special – A judge’s view of insurance (With Sir Bernard Rix)

The Voice of Insurance

The thinking person’s podcast, offering plenty of reflection and intrigue from across the world of insurance. Like most, it brings together a fantastic collection of guests and industry royalty, but unlike most it seeks to challenge the status quo and get people thinking differently.

Where to listen: Multiple, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts

If you were to listen to one: One of the bonus episodes – Being everywhere multiple times a day with Stephen Lathrope, Global Head of Insurance, ICEYE

Insurance Tomorrow

Brought to you by Allianz and Steph McGovern, this series balances macroeconomic trends with the unique challenges faced by the insurance industry. Whilst this often feels like more of a general business or technology podcast, it also introduces some interesting and often less-documented topics in to the world of insurance, like Brexit, Geopolitics, Autonomous Vehicles.

Where to listen: Multiple, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Acast

If you were to listen to one: Cybersecurity & Insurance

Insurtech Perspectives with Bolt

Ok, yes, this is an insurtech podcast hosted by an insurance agency, but host Fiona Mattesini does a brilliant job of focusing on how new digital technology is transforming the insurance industry – it’s not just about Bolt themselves! Each episode is around 15-20 minutes long, so it’s great for those just starting out, on the go, or not wanting to commit to anything too lengthy!

Where to listen: Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Pocket Casts and Podcast Guru

If you were to listen to one: Episode 7: New trends, behaviors, and ideas: what’s ahead for 2022

The Insurance Innovators Unscripted

Whilst there hasn’t been a new podcast released since August 2021, this still acts as a really strong compendium of ‘game-changing insurance concepts, from the game changers themselves’. Hosted by Abel Travis, this educational – but still extremely enjoyable (it can be both) listen spans a wide array of guests and topics – great if you know what you want to tune in to.

Where to listen: Apple Podcasts, Spotify and their main website

If you were to listen to one: Ep 091: Nick Leimer – Microsoft – Digital Innovation In Insurance

Bonus Track

A special mention to The GaryVee Audio Experience and their episode “Using Social Media to Build Relationships”, with Dr. Robin Kiera.  A fun, light-hearted crossover with insurance and pop culture, centred around building a strong brand on social media and how that forms the foundation to build authentic relationships.

Where to listen: Apple Podcasts or

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