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Past 2022 Round Tables

Embedded Insurance

InsurTech Hub Munich

Embedded insurance is a major growth opportunity. And with Embedded insurance expected to grow to $3 Trillion (!), it is definitely an area that insurers can’t afford to ignore.

How can insurers best seize this opportunity and make it work for their business?

What are some of the challenges, solutions and learnings on how to make this work?

And how can you stay on top of all the new developments in this area in particular if you are a domestic or midsize insurer with limited resources?


Past 2021 Round Tables

Scalable Digital Transformation in Health


Digital transformation is on every insurer’s agenda. But, do you also find that end-to-end replacement solutions take too long, and are too risky and costly to implement? And quick fix tools on the market simply aren’t scalable nor compatible with your existing or legacy systems?

On Wednesday 8th of December DIA organized a Virtual Round Table together with CoverGo, to find out why insurers are now turning to modular no-code API-driven platforms. During this VRT, we looked at insurers who have taken this route, have dramatically increased their speed-to-market (from 9 months to 2 hours!), have increased sales and have seen a double-digit reduction of fraudulent claims.

CoverGo’s CEO, Tomas Holub and Yuman Chan, former CEO of Cigna shared experience with truly scalable digital transformation in Health, the benefits and traps to avoid – and vision for the future.

Digital Transformation and Sustainability in Property Claims


On Wednesday November 3, 2021 from 14:00 – 15:00 CET DIA organised, together with Corelogic, a round table session in which attendees got more insight in the pandemic accelerated digital transformation of property claims.

Walter Capellmann hosted the session on behalf of DIA, and he was joined by CoreLogic’s  Director Central Europe, Thomas Verduzco-Weisel and Founder & CEO of Digitalscouting, Robin Kiera. Together they shared their views and experiences, and invited participants in the interactive discussion about the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation in claims and guidance on how to overcome obstacles on the way.

Asian Development Trends & Business Opportunities Unveiled


Asia is gradually becoming one of the most prominent Fintech base in the world, in which Hong Kong serves at the regional hub for overseas companies to further expand their presence in Mainland China and ASEAN Countries. Innovation and digital transformation have become strategic pillars that the C-Suite leaders care about in their business plans.

After the successful InvestHK round table sessions earlier this year, DIA and InvestHK organised a new round table on September 3rd from 9.30-10.30h CEST to unveil the development trend and business opportunities in the InsurTech sector.

Mr. King Leung, Head of Fintech from InvestHK, and Ms. Paula Kant, Head of Investment Promotion from InvestHK Brussels, shared the latest updates on the Insurance and InsurTech landscape in Hong Kong, as well as the tips on how to capture the business opportunities in Asia.

Opposites Attract


The current times have made us all experience the value of digitalization. Its impact and benefits moved from ‘anything retail’ into the more longitude domain of life insurance too. So, insurers offering experience and stability are on the lookout for matches in the ecosystem. But, it takes much more than good intentions to turn a partnership into a sustainable success.

We discussed the Who, What, Where, When and How around this topic during our DIA Virtual Round Table ‘Opposites Attract – How To Build Succesfull Insurtech & Insurance Partnerships’, on Tuesday July 6th .

Moshe Tamir sat down with Dan Canham, Head of Innovation at Australian life insurer TAL to talk about their real-life case of digital distribution transformation. How did they jointly draw up the desired goal, define an MVP, align people and teams, manage both security and a disruptive experience and more.

Asian Business Opportunities for Insurtechs


Have you already put Asia on your expansion roadmap?

Asia is gradually becoming one of the most prominent Fintech base in the world. Time has never been better for InsurTech companies to leverage Hong Kong as a gateway to enter Asia.

After the successful InvestHK round table sessions earlier this year, DIA and InvestHK organized a new round table on the 29th of June, for insurtechs, to meet the overwhelming interest. 

We had Mr. King Leung, Head of Fintech from InvestHK, and Ms. Paula Kant, Head of Investment Promotion from InvestHK Brussels, to share the latest updates on the InsurTech landscape in Hong Kong, as well as the tips on how to capture the business opportunities in Asia.

Creating Real Impact With Health

Virgin Pulse

Health & Well-being programs are on the rise, but what’s involved in creating real impact with these programs?

On the 27th of May, we organized our 4th DIA Virtual Round Table of May, answering this exact question.

The discussion was held with keynote speaker Thomas Hach, Director Healthcare Systems at Novartis and Virgin Pulse’s Ludovic Pureur, on how behavioural change drives real health outcomes. We also spoke with a leading health insurer from the USA about best practices in offering solutions focused on behavioural change, driving customer engagement and real impact.

Leveraging Scale Through Cooperation

InsurTech Hub Munich

It’s no secret that digital transformation, innovation and partnerships with insurtechs are essential for insurers to remain competitive and stay ahead. But how can you stay on top of all the new developments with limited resources?

To discuss how you can stay on top of the hottest & the latest in insurtech, we organized a DIA Virtual Round Table focused on ‘Leveraging Scale Through Cooperation’, on May 26th.

At this Round Table, we discussed all sorts of news ways of cooperation to accelerate innovation, with Tom van den Brulle, Global Head of Innovation at Munich Re and chairman of InsurTech Hub Munich, and Atsushi Izu, Senior GM Insurtech at Japanese insurer Daichi Life.

Data Is The New Gold


Data is the new gold, is what you often hear – and insurers are sitting on a gold mine in that regard! But how do you manage your data in the right way? How do you make sure your company can grow and take new opportunities with that data?

Together with Google and Generali we answered these questions on the 20th of May. Henna Karna, who was until last year Global Chief Data at AXA and is now Global Manager Global Insurance & Risk Management at Google, shared her vision on how data can be used to create new growing opportunities for insurers.

Taking vision into practice is where our second speaker stepped in: Davide Consiglio, Head of Advanced Analytics bij Generali Italy. Davide shared his experiences about setting up a state-of-the-art data analytics practice.

The Upsurge of Device Protection


Are you making the most of the new opportunities in mobile device insurance?

There are plenty of interesting developments in this area that insurers can take advantage of. For example major players in APAC and North America are moving towards mobile device protection – offering their customers a convenient end-to-end solution and eating away market share from traditional insurance products.

In “The Upsurge of Device Protection”, that we organised together with Blancco on Tuesday May 18, we discussed this topic and what it can do for the attendees at our table. Kon Maragelis, Mobile Specialist at Blancco, joined us to share his experience with mobile device protection from APAC and North America, and discussed how insurers can turn this into an opportunity to build business.

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