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Develop new opportunities in the growing mobile device insurance market


The mobile device landscape is changing rapidly – and mobile device insurance is following suit. With incidents in accidental damage and thefts on the rise, and a continued increase in adoption of high-end smartphones, mobile device insurance is expected to grow to a $40billion+ market worldwide – a wide-open opportunity for insurers across the globe.

On the 2nd and 24th of March, Kon Maragelis, Mobile Specialist at Blancco, spoke about how insurers can successfully tap into this immense market by differentiating their mobile device insurance offers, create new revenue streams and at the same time, reduce risk. Blancco’s proven technology can strengthen and develop a variety of propositions for new partnerships.

How insurer ERGO built their AI Factory to accelerate innovation

AWS & ERGO Group | On Demand Available

Insurer ERGO and Amazon Web Services (AWS) discussed ERGO’s AI Factory, especially how ERGO Group overcame the challenges of a legacy environment and numerous data privacy and IT security requirements, to build a cutting-edge, cloud-based AI platform to power innovation across the value chain.

On Thursday, February 24th, Felix Wenzel, Head of Data Engineering and Strategy at ERGO Group AG and Alex Haag, Head of AI Platforms at ERGO Group AG, shared their experience and learnings with you in a conversation with Sid Singh, Solution Architect at AWS and Angelika Cilek, AWS Insurance Specialist.

Telematics Applied: Safety ‘For’ Numbers

Amodo | On Demand Available

How Croatian insurer Osiguranje turned up road safety and revenues

Since the very first arrival of telematics there has been a great focus on increased safety and today it flawlessly fits in the ‘zeitgeist’ of relevance, personal experiences and social responsibility. As telematics gains prominence in our ‘Internet of Things’ world, we also start to see the business opportunities and increased revenues that we can create with this great technology.

In this live webinar on Wednesday July 7th, 15:00 CET , Amodo’s founder and CEO Marijan Mumdziev talked about the instant benefits, how data from a myriad of sources can be combined to create relevance to what to expect next in this field. He was joined by Ana Zovko, Chief Digital Officer from Croatia Osiguranje, who shared the ins and outs of the Driver Safety Programme she and her team implemented with the support of Amodo.

The Good News about Bad News

FRISS | On Demand Available

It’s a crucial step in the process of any insurer: checking for “bad news” when accepting new clients or assessing claims. But how can you reduce risk and prevent fraud in an efficient and effective way?

A smarter way to bring “bad news” and risk factors to the surface with the touch of a button is one of the things we talked about in our DIA Webinar “The Good News about Bad News – What insurers can learn from the latest developments in smart screening and fraud detection”on Thursday July 1st .

We had a conversation with FRISS’ Simon Staadegaard and WebIQ’s Ronald Hoek to understand how this new smart screening and fraud detection works. We spoke with one of their clients, Beequip’s Jelle Hordijk, about how this works in practice – and we heared about the results that insurers are achieving with this new way of working.

Robots Make Insurance More Human

UiPath | On Demand Available

How to make insurance more human? The answer may surprise you: Robots!

In the coming months, in a new series of webinars in collaboration with UiPath, we are going to clarify and demystify Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in insurance. Automation seems to be part of the ‘new normal’ but who has embraced it and what were their experiences?

On Thursday June 24th at 3pm (CET) we kicked off with the first webinar which was all about the “good, the bad, the ugly, the surprises and the gains of RPA” in a challenging discussion format.

DIA Moderator Conny Dorrestijn talked with UiPath´s global insurance lead Elaine Mannix and Alberto Branchesi, Head of Data and Digital Platforms at Generali. Elaine and Alberto shared the automation journey of Generali and demonstrated how attended automation works in practice.

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